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Week 9 MKMMA Break #1
MKMMA Master Key MasterMind Alliance   We are now into Week 9 of the MKMMA Course at the time of[...]
Week 8 Opinion Challenge!
Week 8 and we are into the 3rd week of practicing No Opinions. How’s it going? Are you making progress[...]
Week7 CEL-E-BRATE Good Times COME ON!
Well here we are! 2017, year two as a MKE Certified Guide. WOO! HOO! It is mid week of Week[...]
Week 10, 2015 Under the Surface
"What do you know! Here we are exactly one year ago today. Week 10 is the first break from the[...]
“If Your Dream Shows Up…Will You Recognize it?”
"If your dream shows up tomorrow... will you recognize it?" Welcome to the start of Week 5 of the Master[...]
Positivity Overload?!
It is now October 16,2016, one year,four weeks since I took the Master Key Experience Coarse. Can you believe it!?[...]
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