About Dan

It is December 16, 1961. All is calm. Father has prepared for the miracle of which is to come at any moment. Past history has taught him when it is time, it is time. No pre-warning! No timer countdowns! So my family awaits.

Suddenly without warning, it is time! Dad’s preparation and reading the how to book ( Delivering Babies For Dummies) his doctor said he would not need pays off! It is now 1am December 17, 1961. A Sunday. Ten months from the moment of the beginning of my creation. I want out! No! This isn’t the time for a Sunday drive in the country! The room, although very comfy and climate controlled is now way too small. My independence has caused me to cut myself off from my food bank. Dan (The Man) Charles Linkert is leaving the building!

And at that moment, with lightning speed a six pound miracle breached the surface and entered into the world. Ready, Willing and Able to bring unto the world his God Given Gifts. Unaware of consciousness nothing was impossible. “I could be what ever I willed to Be.” The world was mine for the taking!

You know the feeling? Growing up our Elders encouraging us that we can be whatever we want. All we need is the education, training and practice. Then as we enter school and go for our dreams, Our ideal job, we are told something different. We are still told we can be what we will to be BUT only if we follow certain rules. Work hard, get married, make lots of money. We end up acting like sheep instead of being the Shepard and doing the leading. I have been a sheep far too long, following others and doing what they thought I should. What happened to those dreams?

I had many of dreams and desires. Most of which didn’t come true until now. Why? Simple! I was told ether I couldn’t do that because I don’t know how, don’t have the training or education. It’s not for you. And my personal favourite, “ You never done that before, what makes you think you can? Where will you get the money?”

Well all is true but, it is also true that nether did the Wright Brothers know how to fly till they tried! Henry Ford didn’t drive till he built his first car, and how did Columbus know the world wasn’t flat? He didn’t! He choose to find out for himself. Without these great self directed thinkers, where would we be today? Edison, Tesla, Einstein, Newton, Archimedes, Freud, Darwin, just to name a few. Certainly not sitting playing on our techno gadgets that’s for sure. Without the self directed thinking of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates you wouldn’t be able to read this as well as I wouldn’t be typing it.

So! I have decided to achieve those dreams, desires,( well least the ones that apply to my current age) that life passion that has been clawing to get out into the world? Take that military quote we have heard so often. “Be All You Can Be” In Love, Work and Play.
If this is what you desire then come on in and let me share with you the power within all of us that enables us to “Be what we will to Be” You have it, I have it, everyone has it! It is our birth right!
We are all “Whole, Perfect, Strong, Powerful, Loving, Harmonious and Happy”
All it takes is a Positive Mental Attitude.
After all, you don’t think we are here just be chance do you? What is your purpose for being?