Week 22A Odds& Sods

And what else can I say? Since March has arrived I find being self directed is more of self bewilderment. Yup! I think about where I am at and how far I have come. It seems odd that when I applied to the Master Key Experience I had this expectation of how I will be […]

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Week 22 Silence is Golden

At least it would be provided you are not deaf. So here I am again. Usual thought and ponder. The Master Key lesson for this week is still in Thought. Of coarse the whole MKE coarse has been in thought. By now one would think we are all experts in the field. We are asked […]

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Week 21 “HAPPY” Review

“The Constitution only guarantees the American People the Right to Pursue Happiness.” “You Have to Catch It Yourself” Sunday February 21, 2016. I have just finished watching the movie Happy. I ask myself this: Why didn’t Mark include this in our movie list? Although it is based along the same lines of what we are […]

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