Commencement Beginning of the End

Remember when you were in school approaching the final week before school is out? Anticipating that final day and dreaming of the long summer ahead. All those things you plan to do, the fun, the excitement. Seems like just yesterday doesn’t it?

Yes I did think a bit along this line but it was a few months back. The MKMMA coarse was one heck of a ride! The things we learned about ourselves and life in general. As we came into month six Mark and the Fab D kept telling us they had a plan. The coarse will not just end. They were right, and why wouldn’t they be.


a beginning or start.
“at the commencement of training”
synonyms: beginning, start, opening, outset, onset, launch, initiation, inception, origin; informalkickoff
“the commencement of the festivities”
a ceremony in which degrees or diplomas are conferred on graduating students.
“a commencement address”
synonyms: graduation, convocation
“commencement ceremoni

The Beginning of the End!

Although the coarse itself came to an end the Beginning of our Journey is just starting. Like boot camp, we got the training, we survived the drill sergeant and now we set out to conquer the world. Well are little part of it at least. Graduation as it were, was a review on where we started to where we are now. When one looks back one realizes just how simple it all was. The hard part was for us to see what we already knew and forgot about. So simple it is we could have had Dr Seuss as our teacher. Somehow I have a feeling we wouldn’t have seen it any easier.IMG_0494

So as we reach the end of graduation, we are enlighten with what is inshore. For some of us we will move on in our lives grateful for what we have accomplished. Others, and I am thinking this to be the majority, will become Lifers. The ones who can’t make it on their own. You know the ones. They love the service, free room and board. Well not quite, but they do have free library cards to all of the resources that have been brought to us. Anytime night or day. These are the ones who can fill up and recharge whenever needed. Then there are the Chosen Few. The Master Key Experience continues. Onward and Upward. In order for the MKMMA to progress they need more guides. The Chosen Few who are Lifers will start guide training over the summer. I have chosen to become one of the Chosen Few. Thank you to all of my loyal followers and my Guide for their support and encouragement.

We have had the month of April off from webcast. A time to rest, reflect and to get ourselves back on tract if we have slipped a bit. Over the summer we will cover the last four scrolls of Og. The Lost Chapters as they are called. For some reason they never made it into the Master Keys. It will be a busy, exiting summer for me. Only one thing coms to mind as I look at what is on my plate. Guide Training, my MLM home business and all those odd jobs not to mention my DMP smart goals and of coarse my regular day job.

Well there is only one way to sum this all up. If you find yourself in the same boat, for Gods Sake Don’t Rock It.IMG_0506

“And Keep Moving Forward”

Wish me Luck!

Now the real Hero’s Journey begins.



dannycl - April 18, 2016

LOL never I say that. It was all fun, frustrating and a few other Fs along the way. This I think will be more …..how shell I say it. Less teacher/student format. Heck it will be like taking a road trip with your best friends. That’s it!

dominica8 - April 17, 2016

fantastic, Danny!!! and so great to know we will be fellow-students again then, dear future-guide-colleague 😉

    dannycl - April 18, 2016

    Thanks Dominica!
    This should be a more relaxed fun adventure. Gearing up for it now.

      dominica8 - April 18, 2016

      did you not have a fun time until now then…? Personally I expect it to get even more intense…. but always fun 🙂 (OK, what I focus on I will get… 😀 )

dannycl - April 7, 2016

Thanks Momma!
Who knows, maybe I may end up guiding someone you recommend the MKMMA too.

MKMMAwendyht - April 7, 2016

Aloha Dan – Congratulations!!! And I concur with Connie, your MKMMA students will have a wonderful, understanding and compassionate guide in you. Wishing you a wonder-filled guide training 🙂 Please keep in touch. I’ll keep blogging, too. Yours in Gratitude, Light & Love, Peace & Joy wendyht

    dannycl - April 7, 2016

    You bet I will Wendy! Hey maybe if you decide to retake the coarse, I might be your guide. Now wouldn’t that be a hoot!

mommamccracken - April 7, 2016

Well Dan the Man – you did it. Told you that you would. And now that you know you keep your promises – I am sure you will be an awesome guide. Kind and caring – the new students of MKMMA that have you as their guide will be very fortunate.
the momma

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