“If Your Dream Shows Up…Will You Recognize it?”

“If your dream shows up tomorrow… will you recognize it?”

Welcome to the start of Week 5 of the Master Key Experience 2016.

One of the biggest most important part of this six month coarse is how to write your DMP (Definite Major Purpose)

When I took this coarse last year and started writing my DMP I had no idea what I was doing, which is ironic as I always feel I know what I am 4-boxesdoing even when I don’t. It took me six weeks to get mine done in words that my subconscious would be able to work with. There is a procedure  and it looks something like this.

When writing one’s DMP one takes their Thoughts of what they see as their Dream,dharma or life in general and add in Feelings and Belief as if they already have them. Then one writes it down showing the Actions they plan to take in order to achieve them. And if the wording is correct your subconscious will to to work to manifest this into Results. Sounds simple doesn’t it?  Well it is harder than you might think. You see for the majority of us we couldn’t answer the question, “What do you want out of life” even if you eliminate the money issue.There are times I still ask myself this and My DMP has me living a very simple carefree life.

Now that I am a guide and have the pleasure of helping others write their DMPs  I find myself saying to myself “What are they not getting here?” To me it seems so simple. Even those who have gone through the coarse before tend to still have trouble with one aspect or another. So! Here I am! Thinking perhaps I can shed a little light on the DMP issue.

I bring you back to one of my fellow tribe mates from last year. Kelvin P. Ringold! Prince of Positive! Oracle of Optimism! Host of “Your Daily Dose of Positive”  a “Philosophical Supplement for Your Attitude Health”. A  little dose of Vitamin K goes a long way!

September 20,2016 I received in my inbox the following dose I think is perfect for the occasion.

“If your Dreams Shows Up…”

Good morning, you incredible specimen of humanhood!

I have a VERY important question for you this morning!

If your dream shows up tomorrow… will you recognize it?”

Yeah, I know it sounds silly, but most of us define our dreams in such general terms, that if it showed up according to those terms, it’s very likely we wouldln’t recognize it!

For instance, “I want to be successful!” What exactly does that mean? What does that look like? Is it a dollar amount? a list of assets? If you had to draw a picture of it, what would the picture be of? Would you be doing something? Would you be someplace in particular? with anyone in particular? What would you be doing, saying, feeling?

Or how about, “I want my dream job or career!” What is that for you? And again, WHAT would you being doing? HOW would you be doing it? How would the people you are serving or helping or uplifting be reacting to you? Who would  they be? Where would you be? How would you be dressed?

“General terms” for dreams and goals leaves a lot to the mind’s imagination, (You can add your name here).  We need to get specific… and write it down.  After all, if you aren’t certain enough about what you want to be specific about it, how will your mind know what to deliver? Ha, ha! Call your favorite airline tomorrow and tell them, “I’d like a ticket to VACATION, please! How much is that?”

Decide what you want; define it clearly and specifically and… write it down.

Don’t be afraid to add every little detail. I’ll admit this may be tough as the coarse requires that you stay within a 400 word limit. It is like designing your dream home and having a contractor build it. You want it to be perfect if not better than you can imagine. So why would you leave something out, right? After all your DMP is the Blueprint for the New You!

Danny Linkert - June 21, 2017

Re-Think Positive! LOL

Can You Hear Me Now!

Thank You my Friend!
You are Truly welcome!
I Rock more than you may know. LOL!
There are five rockers in my home. One for each room.
Rock On!

Kelvin P Ringold - June 21, 2017

GREETINGS!!! Monsieur Danny. I tell you, I’ve been out of it for a while and not paying attention sometimes, but THANK YOU for this bit of homage. I truly appreciate your comments and regard for my Vitamin K. A labor of love, it is, and I am pleased you find value in my thoughts.

Thanks for being the friend that you are and for staying connected. Just in case you didn’t know, YOU ROCK! Have an awesome day!


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