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My Guide Experience Year 2


Week 14 Transformations!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Well, here we are! 2018 day 1! Did you servive the Transformation into the New Year? I am sure some are still partying as some may be wishing they stoped before the sun came up. Ether way we are here! Celebrate! For we Get To Do This all over again! Another change […]

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Week 9 MKMMA Break #1

MKMMA Master Key MasterMind Alliance   We are now into Week 9 of the MKMMA Course at the time of the American Thanksgiving. This is also our first break from the traditional weekly webinars. What does this mean? What it means is that along with being Thanksgiving it is also a time to test ourselves […]

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Week 8 Opinion Challenge!

Week 8 and we are into the 3rd week of practicing No Opinions. How’s it going? Are you making progress or are you finding it to easy? If your answer is Too Easy then I have a challenge for you! Some time back I received a letter in the mail from the Attorney General of […]

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