Week 14 Transformations!


Well, here we are! 2018 day 1!

Did you servive the Transformation into the New Year?

I am sure some are still partying as some may be wishing they stoped before the sun came up. Ether way we are here!


For we Get To Do This all over again! Another change to make admends, Forgive ourselves and others and start afresh! Pick up those Dreams and Desires and have at it once more.

Say it with me Folks!

“We Persist Until We Win!”

To aid in your transformation I wish to share with you a poem sent to me by a fellow Master Key Experience Tribe Mate from 2015 when I took the MKE.

Kelvin P. Ringold! The Prince of Positive! The Oracle of Optimism!

“Philosophical Supplements for your Attitude Health”

You may put your name in place of mine.


Good Morning, Dan !!!!!
It’s here, my friend — this day has come!
This new beginning, or to some
The demarcation, bright and clear
The promise held by this new year!
Now some of us, we laugh and cheer
And some of us cry in our beer
And some of us learn from mistakes
We promise not again to make
But know this solid piece of fact
Entirely upon how we act
Our world responds and we take back
Those things we thought were lost — not fact
One door, it closes
Then one’s ajar
The path it leads to takes us far
More places than we ever thought
Turns out a wrong turn — it was not
We wind up where we need to be
With all the tools we just now see
But with new wisdom, now to use
Them as we should… no more confused.
This is your year, my awesome friend.
You did not force your journey’s end
And now your rainbow does appear
Your pot of gold is surely near
Your gold — it may be health or fun
It may be fame for races won
Or maybe peace or love begun
Or maybe solace in the sun
Cling to your dream — and hold it dear
Cling to your path — become a see-er
Cling to your faith, and this is clear
2-0-1-8 will be your year.
Keep rockin’ it, Dan.
I’ll see you tomorrow!

“How Awesome is That!

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Keep Those Transformations Going!

“Peace Be Your Journey!”







Amy Swift - January 17, 2018

Tomorrow 10 days since the New Year started. How fortunate we are to be where we are. Had no idea of what a journey this would be. Thank you for all of your help. Amy

Anjali - January 7, 2018

Happy New Year Dan! Thanks for sharing!

    Danny Linkert - January 8, 2018

    Thanks for reading Anjali!
    A Happy New Year to you also.

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