Week 9 MKMMA Break #1


Master Key MasterMind Alliance


We are now into Week 9 of the MKMMA Course at the time of the American Thanksgiving. This is also our first break from the traditional weekly webinars. What does this mean?

What it means is that along with being Thanksgiving it is also a time to test ourselves on what we have learned.With no webcast for Sunday November 26, this gives the MKMMA class two weeks before the next webinar on December 3rd. So what’s the big deal you ask? It is simple!

How many times have you been taught something with your mentor working alongside you and then one day he/she says “I won’t be there so continue on your own.” How does that feel? Excited? Frightened? Your thinking can I do this?

This is the test we all must face at sometime throughout our Journey. Wether it is coming off probation period at a new job, or not having to attend a webcast. It is like the Mother Bird saying “It’s time to fly! Out you go!”

Now of coarse a Mother would never toss out her young without first making certain her chicks have learned all they need in order to fly, and so it is so that the MKMMA has done the same for all of us. Nine weeks of intense Enthusiastic rants and encouragement, from Mark and Staff (well mostly Mark) supported by the staff and Certified Guides. Week 8 was the start of having to form a MMA (Master Mind Alliance) with at least one other person. This was also mentioned again in week 9. Why? What is the purpose of this? Once again it is simple. “No One Makes It Without A MasterMind!”

Wether it be in business or in play. We all have our goals, dreams, desires our Bliss and we all,(believe it or not) share this with our friends, families and co-workers. Even if we don’t notice it, we do do it. Why? Because deep down inside us we all want to succeed and in order to do so we need someone(s) to occasionally keep us on track and remind us why we are here. I am sure by now some of you are still asking,”What the Heck is a MasterMind Alliance?” So I shall let Napoleon Hill explain it to you The MasterMind Principle.


So I ask you. Do you have a MasterMind Alliance?



Anjali - November 29, 2017

Great! I love reading your posts Danny!

    Danny Linkert - November 30, 2017

    Thanks Anjali!
    So Grateful you dropped by!

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