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Week26 A Tale of Two Seas

I must confess a little here. This post is a tad late in posting. Then better late than never right? As I continue on my journey of my new life, I sometimes stop to ponder just where things are in relation to before the Master Key Experience. Now we all know we stumble and fall […]

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Spring! New life, New Adventures!

I’m Back!!!!!!   Well! Has everyone rested up with having April off? In one way it seems so long ago yet in another it was just yesterday. Wait a minute! It was yesterday! So what have You All been doing? I took the month to reflect on what The Master Keys has shown me. To […]

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Commencement Beginning of the End

Remember when you were in school approaching the final week before school is out? Anticipating that final day and dreaming of the long summer ahead. All those things you plan to do, the fun, the excitement. Seems like just yesterday doesn’t it? Yes I did think a bit along this line but it was a […]

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