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Week 8 Staying Humble

WOW! Where did the time go? We must be having lots of fun. I started prepping for week eighties always on Saturday printing out the lessons for the new week, trying not to seek a peek at what is to come. I focus mainly on the printer printing and placing the weeks lessons into their […]

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Week 6 Opinions & Love

I sailed through week 5’s no opinions rather well I thought. Noticing the temptation and biting my tongue several times. Then come week 6, still no opinions! This is fine and I don’t mind it so much, but when I go into town I end up coming home sooner than planed. Why? My conversations are […]

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Week 4 The Murphy Factor

Week Four started Thursday night of week three. As always for some reason I always seem to check n to see if the upcoming week is posted or not. Sort of a watched pot never boils. BINGO week four is posted, interesting. So I ask the Alliance if I missed a day and no we […]

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