Positivity Overload?!

It is now October 16,2016, one year four weeks since I took the Master Key Experience Coarse. Can you believe it!? WOW! What a ride that was! Positivity Overload(ed)! There where moments of throwing in the towel, well throwing Og to be exact. LOL And I did at least once.

I have to say that I am VERY GRATEFUL I didn’t throw in the towel. Og? I have four copies, I am still good.  As we completed this six month Pay it Forward coarse we had the opportunity to pick from three opportunities. Sort of like being on a game show and picking between door #1,2, or 3.

All of coarse are positive opportunities.

1/ We could thank our Guides and fearless instructors and take what we learn and apply it to our current life.

2/ We could become Life Time Members, having access to all the teaching for life and move on with our own or,

3/ Become a Certified Guide. This of coarse required you to be a Lifer first.

Unlike the game show all doors are Win Win Win opportunities.

And you guessed it! I’m a Cerified LifeTime Guide! WOW! Can you believe it? Me! That somewhat shy,leave me be I’m comfortable right where I am Dan.Never speak less spoken to or have something to say Dan. Well I still like to be left alone but I am enjoying leaving my comfort zone more each day. Not an easy thing considering what the past influencers have taught me to believe. So what has this got to do with Positivity Overload? Well I will tell you.


Way back about 3/4s the way through the coarse we where instructed to form a mastermind with someone or ones outside the MMA (MasterMind Alliance). I mentioned in one of my blogs I had yet to do this and was answered by a fellow blogger(Robert) to form this mastermind. What is a mastermind you ask? A MasterMind Alliance is two or more like minded individuals working together in harmony to achieve a set goal(s).

Well we proceeded, we mastermind mainly through email as work schedules just didn’t seem to work out. Then we started face to face with Zoom. One thing lead to another and my new found mastermind and I started finding many things we had in common.So much so that his Subconscious was putting into play something that neither of us was aware of. All Robert knew at that moment he was going to visit Dan. When? How? No idea. He didn’t even know where in The Great White North I lived let along where Canada is. Ok I may be exaggerating here a bit. LOL  But one thing was certain and that was he was going to Do It. The seed has been planted and we just kept masterminding.


Now lets step back somewhat to when my guide started doing tribe calls. My little tribe met every two weeks via the internet and chatted about our weeks experiences.  One of my tribe members (Kelvin) turned out to be what I like to call my mirror image. I say this as our primary and secondary colour codes are total opposites. I am a White/Yellow and he is a Yellow/White, not to mention we shared a lot of similarities outside the coarse. Another seed was planted.

As the coarse went on and neared to the end, a chain of events came into play. Robert’s sister-in-law was  coming to New York. Robert found out where I lived, although he had his distance slightly out, He saw the opportunity to visit me. Then as  he told me he was coming I put my subconscious to work.

Going back to one of my chat sessions with Kelvin I learned that one thing we had in come was that both of use use to play the drums. Now I sold mine years ago to purchase a guitar and at times I miss my drums. Here is where Inspiration restarted a desire I longed to do but for all the wrong reasons never followed through.

Fulfilling a Dream.

I always wanted to build myself a Cajon Box Drum. BAM!!!! I am going to make two!img_0612 When I first thought of doing this I had no idea how I was going to get the second one to it’s destination. Yes you guessed it! I built one for Kelvin.

BAM! Robert is coming to town! Maybe I better find out if he has room and is willing to take it back. He did! And he did!

I was now busy building to get both done before he arrived. OH OH! perhaps it would be a good idea to make sure Kelvin will be home for the delivery, don’t you think? Well as soon as I knew Robert was coming I contacted Kelvin to let him know. I was pretty pumped at the thought that here was a guy I only met through an online coarse, chatted a few times with and was coming to see ME! ME! Why? Who cares! I never had this happen before!  Wow!

Ok so back to the wheels in motion. My mind just never stops thinking. So here we have one classmate coming to Canada from Virgina USA and another classmate who lives in New York. Another thought hits me. I have two MLM partners who live an hour and a half from me who are also MKMMA classmates. One(Connie) was going to be in Kauai for the coarse live retreat, but the other one(Linda) is not. Can I get all three of us together? As it turned out I did but all at separate times.

I’m Feeling Pretty Darn Pumped.

So kelvin knows I am sending something back with Robert but I didn’t say what.

My visit with Robert was “GREAT” to say the least. Only a day and a half, yet we covered a lot of ground. I know he will be back!

When he pulled out he was on his way to have Breakfast with Linda. The feeling that I had was so powerful I had no idea how tired I was. my energy force was higher than I could recall. After chatting with Linda later that day it only went up.

Then I had to wait for a spell to see the response from his visit with Kelvin and his blog post. BAM! It just got higher. Kelvin emailed me, and  mastermind with our tribe and the energy just kept climbing.

I was feeling Overloaded with Positivity. I asked Kelvin, Hey! is there such a thing as Positivity Overload! We’ll find out was his reply. I’m going to say YES! And it is a Wonderful Feeling! For me, it lasted for days. I have reread Kelvin’s email and Robert’s blog off and on and that feeling, you know the one, comes right back. BAM!

Specially when I look at one of the photos Robert took of Kelvin after receiving his own Personalized Cajon Drum.


Not the least bit surprised!

Therefore! It just goes to show that, when you are writing your Definite Major Purpose in life (DMP) and you pick the right two Personal Pivot Needs (PPNs) ,there are seven. The rest will fall in line. My PPNs are Autonomy and Helping Others. As you can see by Helping Others by doing random acts of kindness (RfCE) Recognition for Creative Expression can and will give you a feeling of being Positivity Overload(ed).

Try it! it just feels Sooooooo…..Goooood!


The MasterKey Experience  “DoItNow!”

Richard Barton - September 14, 2018

Really enjoyed vicariously giving Robert his drum. Great fun.

Kelvin P Ringold - June 21, 2017

Honored, again, I am. Woot woot! Yeah, that drum shocked the heck out of me — that someone I’d not met would take the time and care to create something like that for me and the painstaking care you took in getting it to me (what great people they are!). Yup, I was happy. Thanks again, and to care enough to honor me by mentioning me on your blog.

    Danny Linkert - June 21, 2017

    Any time Kelvin!
    If I didn’t know better, people like you are life savers. Always there when needed!

    I am Grateful the Universe guided the blog roll team for connecting us through the MKMMA.

    As to the drum, that was a real pleasure!

Nanette - October 22, 2016

So glad to hear of your connection encounters and delighted to see that we share a common friend. Here’s to serendipity continuing to be a force in your life.

connie mccracken - October 18, 2016

As usual Dan the Man. a blog to make us all feel better. I could feel your excitement that all went well and loved to hear from our fellow members what a great time it was upon all meeting each other.
Sorry I missed it, but as you know I was very fortunate in being able to meet some of the great go9ogrow members and of course Mark J., the fabulous Davene and the lovely Danya. mahalo for being a mastermind friend and business partner Dan! Grateful

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