Spring! New life, New Adventures!

I’m Back!!!!!!


Well! Has everyone rested up with having April off? In one way it seems so long ago yet in another it was just yesterday. Wait a minute! It was yesterday!

So what have You All been doing? I took the month to reflect on what The Master Keys has shown me. To sit and ponder, putting things in perspective, and yes keep reading Og.

Scroll VI “I Laugh At The World”. Once again I find myself saying that this scroll should have been added at the beginning. How easy it would have been getting over those denial times.

Well the past is the past and the future is what we make it based on our actions today.

It is May 1st. Raining outside. Robins roaming the lawn and squirrels making a home in Mother’s garden shed. Could it get any better? Perhaps not for the worms or the squirrels for I will have to be the bearer of bad news and evict their tails out of there. One of mother’s fears is squirrels. Perhaps I should send her to do the deed so she can conquer that demon. Maybe not, she may make me face one of mine. LOL

I must admit I am grateful for April’s passing. Our theatre group was busy with a spring production that I had to decline the stage till the end of the MKE. April filled my plate with rehearsals and setting up lights and sound effects. One of my many talents of ease. I used to work in a family resort years ago. When the stress of Monday’s double seating for theatre night started pushing my buttons( I was the Chef ) I would look forward to the show. I ran the lights and sound. As soon as the last plate was sent out off I went, and as soon as the show began a sense of calm came over me and all was well again.

Anyhow our performance was a great success. “Who Murdered Who” Unfortunately due to legal crap, as we all know we could not video it and post it for the world to see. So if you wish to see it send me a note and I will forward it to you.It is listed as private so adding the link here will not open it.  creepy_actor@hotmail.com Here are a couple of cast picks. Back stage and on stage with director and stage manager.IMG_0540

As I mentioned in my last blog, I am a Lifer of the MKE and am continuing as a guide. We start training today with what I find the most colourful part of the MKE. The Colour Code. I am thinking this should be part of what we are taught in school. Life would be so much friendlier if we all knew how to relate and talk to each other. Don’t you think?



We are required to summit our updated DMP as this to is part of the training. It took me all of April to re-wright it and I feel I have a masterpiece. It flows much better now. On my old DMP I had our town hosting a model train show for the May 24 weekend. (I wonder if it got that name due to beer stores sales on that weekend?) We now have the train show happening on the Civic Long weekend in July in partnership with the fundraising event for our town’s first fire truck.IMG_0311 I am on this committee. We are getting the carnival rides back. A blast from the past! Woo Hoo! It is all coming together slow but sure. Another of my smart goals is progress nicely, which is the reproofing of the front of my house. After telling my brother of my plans, his whole family has offered to come up and help. That adds another seven bodies to the mix. Many hands make light work. Now I just need to get the materials in. My December manifestation of the coming of my new truck brought me that lovely Equinox just in time for Christmas.Unfortunately Easter weekend showed it may not have been the best it could be. So with all vehicles down but one I have enlisted the aid of a auto dealership in finding my Dream Machine. Gave them a list of must haves and not so fusy needs and we will see what they can come up with.All in All life is great.

I have to laugh at myself for every year at tax time I end up getting the job done on the last day. A testament to my core colour of White. Masters of Procrastination. It looks like putting it off paid off this year. I had to get mother’s taxes done also so long story short, putting her as a dependant has eliminated the question: Where is the money coming from to pay for the guide training? The universe has spoken to me again. BINGO!

On the home business front I went Silver in March and thanks to my Blue upline and some careful overseeing I have maintained that status for April. Although we did it on the last day of the month. Perhaps that is the day I do my best work.LOL It is also said that Whites will not become successful on their own. They/We/I need help. That is where the Blues shine. They want me to get the moving up bonus. Not that I don’t want it but over time I have realized that money although I want it isn’t number one for me. I am so bless that both of my uplines are Blue. However they will not do all the work. Oh the fun we will have with this training! As it turns out one of my Blue uplines is also becoming a guide.

And then there is still my Magnificent Tribe! We took our tribe calls and kept them active as a mastermind group on Viber. Our wonderful guide Fawn asked on our last call if we were going to stick together or if we had other plans? We are staying fast as a group. inspiring and supporting each other throughout our Journey. We even talked about holding a group web call now and then. This has inspired me to ask them if they would let me practice my guide training through a tribe call now and then once training has begun on it’s way a bit. So far so good. We will invite Fawn to join also if she wishes.

In all life is great! Lots to do and learn. One day at a time and before we know it we will be sitting wondering how we got here so fast. IMG_0533

If you want to succeed you need to keep moving forward all the time. If not you will get eaten up and craped out to find you are still at the back of the pack if you are able to stay up
with the pack. Better yet just Break from the Pack and be all you can be and more!

Keep Smiling and Laughing at the World.

Just for you Dominica!

See you in the next blog!


dannycl - May 2, 2016

Thanks Linda!
Don’t you just love that image? I have been looking for a place for it for a few years now.
Time to clean that office. Perhaps I’ll post that image in there.

lindasue88 - May 2, 2016

My goodness, that banner is truly freaky!! Good on you, getting back in the blog saddle, & CONGRATS on maintaining your Ag status for April. Happy May

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