Week 10, 2015 Under the Surface

“What do you know! Here we are exactly one year ago today. Week 10 is the first break from the MKMMA Webinars. A test for us to stay focused and true to the cause. It is the American Thanksgiving and the Canadian Grey Cup. Time to PARTY!”

“So as a MKMMA Guide I decided to share with you all my week 10 from November 2015.” 

I am now back to work at the saw mill after three months off. Balancing my new business training, MKMMA, and my family duties around the house is a bit more of a challenge than I visioned. Focus Dan, use that magnifying glass your guide has sent you. Aren”t they just the sweetest?

As Mark J says, almost every week, “It”s time to dig in, Dig deep” What is this the army? Fox hole comes to mind. Dig Dig Dig! As always the first week back shows you just how slack you have been. Zzzzzzzzzzzz……….WAKE UP!

Ok I’m awake no need to yell…  Had my blog all written out two days ago while I was at work. Prob is my computer was not. What was I going to type? I know it was deep. That is the best thing about my job. I have all day to think. No real mental work require for my job. Repitition is second nature after persistence. I will persist and I will win.

So I had my first face to face video chat with my personal MMA buddy. It was great! He did most of the talking. Is that a Red Trate? I am a White and we are know to be good listeners. Did I hold up to that Robert? One thing we have noticed is that although we all come from different parts of the planet, we are all dealing with the same issues in one way or another. We are digging deep.

Some of us digging deeper than others. Way down into the Abys of our subconscious mind. Below the surface of safe haven from yesteryear. What do we find far beneath the surface? Some find peace, others emotions they have forgoten or buried on purpose never to hurt them again. Even we find that inner child we played with in our youth.

Like the mighty Ice Berg which hides it’s greatest strength out of sight, floating like a small speck of dust on the ocean of life. We suppress these qualities from others. Why? Fear! Of What? Failure to succeed. Ironic in some ways. What we want the most we fear the most because of what others may think. So here we are, like the mighty Ice Berg drifting through life aiming high but falling short.Thank God, the Universe or who ever you like for the MKMMA teaching us to teach ourselves to Dig Deep. Reach down into your Abys and grab hold of what you find. Show it the light. Let it Shine!

Like any great soup the scum must come to the surface and be scoped away for the flavour within to reach our senses. No more we suffer in silence. Take my Ice Berg and see what it hides beneath the surface. What you don”t see is what is buried the deepest. Ideas, Feelings, Desire, Love and Forgiveness. There is probably a few I can’t see. Only the Action we take or don’t take day to day shows on the surface for all to see. This we cannot hide for even no action is still action.

I have been an Ice Berg way to long. Almost to the point of running aground. It’s painful hard work but then anything worth having does not come with ease. A new born falls and stumbles how many times before getting the steps right? Yet as we age we forget the child determination we once had. No we have buried it so deep we can’t find it. So let us force ahead and find that gem within us. Lets shock the world by flipping over hat Ice Berg. Create a wave, do some surfing.

Are you going to flip your Ice Burg or just let it float on by to waste it’s time going nowhere?




Amy Swift - August 26, 2018

Great piece on the iceberg! Thawing out are we?

Anjali - December 7, 2017

Great post Danny – love your writing style here!

Danny Linkert - October 14, 2017

Thanks Amy.
There is a trick to writing like this!
Let Subby have the pen.

Amy Swift - October 13, 2017

You are an excellent writer…wow! Very deep thoughts. Really liked this a lot.

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