Week 10 Under the Surface

I am now back to work at the saw mill after three months off. Balancing my new business training, MKMMA, and my family duties around the house is a bit more of a challenge than I visioned. Focus Dan, use that magnifying glass your guide has sent you. Aren”t they just the sweetest?

As Mark J says, almost every week, “It”s time to dig in, Dig deep” What is this the army? Fox hole comes to mind. Dig Dig Dig! As always the first week back shows you just how slack you have been. Zzzzzzzzzzzz……….WAKE UP!

Ok I’m awake no need to yell…  Had my blog all written out two days ago while I was at work. Prob is my computer was not. What was I going to type? I know it was deep. That is the best thing about my job. I have all day to think. No real mental work require for my job. Repitition is second nature after persistence. I will persist and I will win.

So I had my first face to face video chat with my personal MMA buddy. It was great! He did most of the talking. Is that a Red Trate? I am a White and we are know to be good listeners. Did I hold up to that Robert? One thing we have noticed is that although we all come from different parts of the planet, we are all dealing with the same issues in one way or another. We are digging deep.

Some of us digging deeper than others. Way down into the Abys of our subconscious mind. Below the surface of safe haven from yesteryear. What do we find far beneath the surface? Some find peace, others emotions they have forgoten or buried on purpose never to hurt them again. Even we find that inner child we played with in our youth.

Like the mighty Ice Berg which hides it’s greatest strength out of sight, floating like a small speck of dust on the ocean of life. We suppress these qualities from others. Why? Fear! Of What? Failure to succeed. Ironic in some ways. What we want the most we fear the most because of what others may think. So here we are, like the mighty Ice Berg drifting through life aiming high but falling short.Thank God, the Universe or who ever you like for the MKMMA teaching us to teach ourselves to Dig Deep. Reach down into your Abys and grab hold of what you find. Show it the light. Let it Shine!

Like any great soup the scum must come to the surface and be scoped away for the flavour within to reach our senses. No more we suffer in silence. Take my Ice Berg and see what it hides beneath the surface. What you don”t see is what is buried the deepest. Ideas, Feelings, Desire, Love and Forgiveness. There is probably a few I can’t see. Only the Action we take or don’t take day to day shows on the surface for all to see. This we cannot hide for even no action is still action.

I have been an Ice Berg way to long. Almost to the point of running aground. It’s painful hard work but then anything worth having does not come with ease. A new born falls and stumbles how many times before getting the steps right? Yet as we age we forget the child determination we once had. No we have buried it so deep we can’t find it. So let us force ahead and find that gem within us. Lets shock the world by flipping over hat Ice Berg. Create a wave, do some surfing.

I promised a couple of weeks back that I would share my singing of the Guy in the Glass. I am still working on the as Harmony is still a challenge with technology. I will keep you posted.




traceymasterkey - January 14, 2016

Oh so many metaphors icebergs, surfing mining for treasure . Your blogs are so vivid . I think you have found that determined child who is not afraid of success . Many many blessings on your mlm.you are a true inspiration Dan (but so funny with it too) ! I wish I could go to Hawaii are you going ?

    dannycl - January 14, 2016

    Thanks Tracey. Your comments always warm my soul. I want to go to Hawaii but with our $ being so low I’m not sure it be wise to go in debt.

eileensmasterkey - December 11, 2015

I was a really great post. I loved it! Thanks for all the insight.

MKMMAwendyht - December 11, 2015

Aloha Danny, I loved your post. How wonderful that you’ve had an online face to face with your Alliance partner 🙂 Looking forward to your “music.” In Gratitude, Love, Light & Support wendyht

Patti Smith - December 11, 2015

Danny, Thank you for your insights about what we harbor below the surface of our safe haven. In our lives below the surface and our insuing struggles to become the observer of our future selves and flip that iceberg we find our courage to change. I share this courage quote that is in my office and in my PR from Terry Neil: “Courage is the door that can only be opened from the inside.” You are opening that door with persistence. Congrats.

fawnc - December 6, 2015

Wow Dan! Your writing and sharing is really going deep and it’s showing up powerfully! I notice that you always have positive comments about others, I really love that about you. I can feel how strongly you are committed to your own true being living your life fully. Thank you for all of the ways you’re showing up and contributing to the harmony of the MKMMA. You’re greatly appreciated, Dan.

    dannycl - December 6, 2015

    Thanks Fawn. I feel I have been slipping a little since being back at work. Some of other’s replies have really givien me the WOW!! Factor when I read them.

mommamccracken - December 5, 2015

Well, once again you made me smile. I love the way you get your stories across. Maybe there is a book in your future – who knows what you will dig up lol hugs your biggest or greatest fan. LOL Taking off a few!! pounds is listed on my DMP hugs Connie

    dannycl - December 5, 2015

    Hey Connie! A few pounds? Does that mean I’ll get to see that Hot Momma that used to baby sit me years ago? 🙂

      mommamccracken - January 14, 2016

      LOL you do help an ol’ gal feel younger again. Not sure I was as you describe me, lol, but nice of you to say. Maybe our new skin care line is going to help??? I guess I better make some better habits and persist until I win!!

masterkeyrea - December 5, 2015

It was nice to talk too much last night and you did keep the White traite to the letter. You did share enough to show me the greatness is in the Iceburg. We all have the who we are inside and who we have become showing. I’m so glad you see that and are working like the rest of us to BE WHO WE ARE. I too am waiting for the man in the glass to be sung and want to hear it. I do all sorts of goofy things because nobody can hear me driving down the road at 65 mph. My favorite is Yogi & BooBoo & ranger cartoon voices from many years ago. I do learn when I’m having fun.
Everything you SEE that comes to you conscious mind. You can change and deal with. What’s amazing to me is the actual dealing with it has been much simpler than the fear made it seem. As I read others blogs I’ve learned most of us are having the same real life struggles – but are in the pit fighting to be better people because of the journey.
I’m proud to be with you on this journey as well as the rest of our class.

    dannycl - December 5, 2015

    Thanks Robert. I too have pulled a Boo Boo and Yoge once or twice. Least in the truck one can release the energy that others would be tempered to lock us up for.

klwmasterkey - December 5, 2015

Danny, I love this!! Every time we chat or I read your blog I want to have a Danny party cause I see even feel your awesome-ness!!!! I continue to find your honesty so inspiring, and energizing!
Thank you Danny for sharing!

    dannycl - December 5, 2015

    WOW! A party for me? Wow! I am so blessed. I promise not to let it go to my head. LOL
    Your beautiful Krystal. I salute you.

      klwmasterkey - December 6, 2015


lindasue88 - December 5, 2015

Dear Mr. I Berg, I salute you for your courage. I’m looking forward to that recording!

    dannycl - December 5, 2015

    Thank you Linda. Of coarse you have the advantage over the rest as you caught a bit of it Tuesday night.

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