Week 11 Ask and Ye Shall Recieve

“Whatsoever things ye desire, When ye pray, Believe that ye receive them and ye shall have them” Mark 11:24

Powerful words! Of coarse all words from the Bible are powerful.

Now when I first read this quotation which is the subject of our sit this week, the first thought that came to mind was. “Thats Wrong”.

As a child I was taught that praying for yourself, asking God to give you things was taboo.  We where, when we pray are to ask for others, not for what you want. I had to ponder this somewhat and my sittings this week where few and far between. However, what I did do was as directed as Hanaael  did not say during your sit. What he said was “For your exercise this week, concentrate on the quotation taken from the Bible. “Whatsoever things ye desire, when ye pray, believe ye receive them and ye shall have them”.

So all week at work that is exactly what I did.  I concentrated. I threw in some “I can be what I will to be” “Do it now” and even some “I am whole,perfect,strong,powerful,loving,harmonious and happy” along with a couple verses of the Guy in the Glass. I am afraid now that every time I pass a window/mirror or my shadow I will break out in song. What will I be like come the 27th week?

I had to laugh a bit today as one of the guys at work asked me whats new. They are always looking for laughter and know I can supply almost on demand. I have talked to them about my MLM business and every time they come down with colds I chuckle and say we can fix that. But they just keep laughing. Today when they asked I told them about our sit this week and ran off the quotation to them. More laughter and some remark about joining ISIS. Some people will never catch on. But thats ok. Least I didn’t break out in song. I’d probably have them on the run.

Any how back to the Quotation. It is all in the wording I suppose and my teachings of yesteryear will have to adapt. After all the Bible wouldn’t contradict  itself would it? It can be confusing at times but one must remember how those times must have been.

I am thinking as long as my desire benefits all whom it effects then it must be true. My DMP says I will have a new truck by or before August 2016. This truck I will use as a tool in order to service other’s needs via work. therefore I am not wanting a new truck just because it would be nice( I do ) but my current vehicles are calling out to be put down. They are old and in need of more love than my pocket book can provide. I am actually to test drive/purchase a newer vehicle tomorrow morning.

2006equinoxI have been thinking of replacing both my vehicles with either one that is respectable fuel mileage and can double as a work truck or get a cheap fuel saver and a work truck, for the better part of a year now. The one I am looking at tomorrow came up last Sunday but time didn’t entertain me then due to Sundays webinar as well as  work and the lack of daylight when I get home.

We will see what the universe  has to say in the morning.


traceymasterkey - January 7, 2016

Hi dan love that you keep looking over the hood and seeing your dream machine . ! It’s a done deal

thevacationlifestyle - December 17, 2015

Thank you for sharing! It was wonderful!

Dennis - December 15, 2015

Enjoyed your post and relate to the truth that perspective is everything and everything is perspective when it comes our lives. Keep posting and I’ll keep reading!
Dennis recently posted: https://masterkey.peakboomers.com/return-of-the-mind-monsters/

masterkeyrea - December 13, 2015

Dan, I love Kelvin’s comments above. Your dilemma with the bible verse is with us all. I see it that the object of our desire, be it for ourselves or others – is already created and if we can believe that – then we need only take possession of it. – Receive it so to speak.
Your truck is already created just the wrong name on the title. I can not only see you in your truck, I see a happy man with his MOM going out to celebrate, taste some good food and humbly show off a little, on a beautiful afternoon with clean and fresh breeze coming off the wonderful smelling trees. Put that in your spirit along with the picture Kelvin spoke of. The truck won’t have a chance.

    dannycl - December 13, 2015

    Good idea Robert. Silly past teaching really intercept at times don’t they?

mommamccracken - December 13, 2015

You will be pretty happy – nice early birthday present – put a bow on it. enjoy!

    dannycl - December 13, 2015

    It is isn’t it? I just might do that and send you a pic. I still have to pay for it and get it home. Busy weekend.

fawnc - December 12, 2015

Wow! Dan, with all of your visualizing and allowing yourself to receive your new car, I imagine it will be yours soon! I love how you’re keeping everyone entertained and especially how the integration of your tools is spontaneously happening for you. Great focus!

dannycl - December 12, 2015

Thanks Kelvin. I have been doing the visual thing by looking at pictures online of the Equinox and seeing me driving down the road. I also when in my old 91 Silverado, looking out over the hood, I see the hood of the Dream machine and it’s air scopes on the hood.
Great idea about taking the photo of me claiming it.

    Kelvin - December 12, 2015

    Like that “over the hood” idea. Hmmmm. I need a better picture of my new dream machine 🙂 Keep winning!

Kelvin - December 12, 2015

Oooh, a bible verse. You know, that “it is better to give than to receive” has messed with a lot of people’s minds and it’s interpretation responsible for a lot of people feeling unworthy of good things. I’m a preachers’ kid so… I get to weigh in on that one — in a neutral “think about this” sort of way 🙂 Looking forward to seeing you in that truck. BTW, if you haven’t, when you take it for for test drive, get someone to take of picture of you in it, or looking like you own it, and give subby a little boost in the visualization department 🙂

lindasue88 - December 12, 2015

I’m excited to hear how the test drive turns out. Pretty cool that the vehicle has waited a week to get to meet you!! I’m so impressed that you just keep dripping on the guys at work, even tho it gives them a chuckle to hear from you.

    dannycl - December 12, 2015

    I will persist and I will win.

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