Week 14 At The Movies

Another week and another challenge. We got a break from the webinar due to the Christmas Break. It is always nice for a break, least as a child in school this was well lived for. However as an adult a break, even though refreshing can at times add extra pressure , in keeping focused to the tasks at hand.

So our homework this week is to watch one or all of the following six movies: October Sky/Cool Runings/Door to Door/Rudy/A Good Life and Wild. What better homework could one ask for. Almost like being to;d take the week off and have fun.

Well! After looking up the bios on each movie I selected Wild.book Not because it is adult entertainment or one Of Oprah’s firsts in her book club  but more for the story out line.  A woman takes a 1,000 plus mile hike through the wilderness to find herself, by herself. She has to be nuts! A woman all alone in the middle of nowhere, just has to be asking for trouble, right? It has to be good I thought. What could go wrong. LOL

Now before I get all engrossed in the story let me fill you in on our homework. Yes, we where told to watch a movie, however somewhat like a book report we have to focus on the 4 tiny items that make up persistence. They are: DMP , definate  major purpose, PMA-positive mental attitude, POA-plan of action and MMA-master mind alliance.

So with this in mind let the show begin. Cheryl Strayed a pretty much happy child from a broken marriage grows up with her siblings and mother. The usual not so well off family trying to make ends meet yet enjoying life for the most part. I won’t get into who played who, you can look that up yourself.

In short after her mothers passes away from cancer Cheryl’s life hits rock bottom as if you were to have your soul ripped out of you leaving you no direction or purpose to follow. Now while watching this movie I found at time a little hard to follow due to sound quality and a lot of low talking. I in turn ended up looking up the movie online for some needed insight and read a section from her book. Very moving and tear jerking to say the least.

So while Cheryl hit bottom and scrapped her way through various drugs, sex and God knows what else she finally decides she has to find the person she once was according to her mother. This becomes her DMP. To strike out on a self discovery journey across the Pacific Crest Trail to find her way back to being the person she once was before her mother’s passing, and in turn healing all the demons from within. Her journey took her 4 years, 7 months and 3 days. With the flashbacks in her mind of what she has suffered and the positive images of her mother and the good times they shared she was able to keep a Positive Mental Attitude, PMA.Chyl's momHer plan of action, POA, was simple but not well thought out at times. She prepared a backpack of all things she thought she would need to make the journey. Dehydrated food, and water purification pump, tent ,cooking supplies, clothes for all weather and so on. Plus she had several boxes of supplies which she left with a friend who would mail them to her at various checkpoints. Once on the trail it wasn’t long before she found that she may have packed too much making her pack somewhat a real workout to put on each day.wild 1

Her ex-husband  kept in touch by sending her packages along with supporting letters giving her praise. This became part of her MMA mastermind alliance for as we are taught, no one makes it without a mastermind. As her days went by she had several master minds at different stages . Some of these are: Her ex-husband Paul, her best friend Lisa who she left her truck and boxed supplies with. At one stop a park ranger helped by lightening her pack by getting rid of what she didn’t and or hadn’t used at that point. Even suggesting she call for new boots as hers where too small and she was losing toe nails by then. There was also a couple of other hikers she shared a night with uplifting spirits. Not to mention all other hikers who got to know her by her notes written in at various way points on the trail. One of what I found the most interesting master mind partner she had, and probably she didn’t know it at the time was a fox.foxWhich showed up from time to time and also at the end.As it came to be Cheryl took this as a sign that her mother was watching over her and stayed with her to the end. Where is my Kleenex?   It’s the yellow emotions coming out again. I recently purchased my complete colour code analyzes and yellow is my secondary colour. I plan to blog about this soon so tune back in then if you wonder what I am talking about. Oh! I almost forgot. One other master mind she encountered though just for a moment was a small boy and his grandmother who misplaced their lama. In chatting the young boy asked about her mother. After telling him she had passed away the boy sang to her a song his mother(also passed) sang to him. The song was The Red River Valley. After they all went on their way Cheryl collapsed to her knees and cried. A world of emotions finally being released. Plus a few more of mind. Will tears hurt my laptop? Wipe  Wipe.

So, I hope I have captured the 4 tiny items, ( actually they are habits) that make up persistence. For without them Cheryl would probably still be at rock bottom and I would be watching tv and or sleeping.

Though I found these tiny habits hard to spot during the movie I feel with a little help from the internet I was able to fill in the blanks.

I like to leave you with this image with a  quote by Abraham LincolnLincolin qute

Thanks I am grateful you stopped by and wish you all a Happy Safe Joyful New Year.


masterkeysaras - January 6, 2016

Great post! I did not even find all of the things. You got them all! Ha! I think I want to read the book. I had a little bit of a love/hate with the movie. But my friend told me the book is excellent. I just loved her persistence. That is what stood out the most. But your breakdown really showed me why they picked this as one of the movies. Thanks!!

    dannycl - January 6, 2016

    Thanks Sara. The little bit I read off the web makes me want to get the book also. Her language you will want to keep from young eyes. I had to hunt for a couple myself, grateful I had my iPad handy while watching. I may even watch it again just to enjoy what I may have missed cause of the assignment.

dannycl - January 5, 2016

Thanks Tracey. Followers like you make feel so bless my head almost swells. LOL. Me a grade A student! Not on your like baby!
I hated school with a passion. I just did what was required to get out of there. I was one of those kids right from day one who was picked on, made fun of, chased and even had rocks thrown at me almost every day. Then my parents sent me to Sunday School. More School! Bad enough 5 days now(then) 6. They didn’t pick on me in Sunday school. I rather ride the ponies when they sent my to bible camp.
My parents must haveservered me will though. I grew up without killing anyone or myself. I sure wouldn’t want to be a kid in school today.

traceymasterkey - January 5, 2016

Love looking forward to your posts am never disappointed . Where you a grade A student Dan? THANKS for the analysis i will watch wild with your lantern to light my way . I watched door to door and sobbed and laughed in the 10 min trailer on YouTube hard to find whole movie except in Spanish . See you on the journey thanks for leaving your messages on the trail !

dannycl - January 4, 2016

Thanks Colin. I am grateful for the payoff.

mkmmacolin - January 4, 2016

Everybody loves a movie night! You are digging deep my friend, awesome stuff. Thanks for sharing the excellent quotes as well.

Bob Watkins - January 3, 2016

Dan, I love that you picked up on the fox being a part of her master mind group. It’s not often that people recognize how significant a role our pets or the animals and plants in our lives play as guidepost to our decisions. Are they not connected more so than many of the humans in our lives? I wish you a Peaceful Journey and DMP-fulfilling in 2016.

masterkeyrexp - January 3, 2016

Great post Danny. I to held my father’s hand as he breathed his last, and two dogs. I still cry at times…

Dennis - January 2, 2016

Hey Dan – thanks for journalling with MKMMA – I enjoy reading your posts. Wild and Rudy are the only two we haven’t watched yet – so this is the week. Code yellow is predominant for me too and I my tear ducts get a workout often – so I empathize.
Dennis recently posted October Sky: https://masterkey.peakboomers.com/persistence-personified/

Claes Wallenberg (@MKMMAClaes) - December 31, 2015

Awesome post, Danny, it´s been a while since I watched the movie myself and I appreciate Your review. Totally in line with my memories of the the film!

Mahalo, I appreciate You!

    dannycl - December 31, 2015

    Thanks Clase! I am grateful for your thoughts. Mahalo, Happy New Year

mommamccracken - December 31, 2015

Thanks for your insight. In a hurry this Christmas season, I did not look back to notice I should use the 4 habits of persistence, but maybe that was good because I put myself in the movie more? I take it we will do other reviews, so will try and include them more next time. Thanks for the tips Dan and the share!! Happy 2016 masterkey.conniemccracken.com

lindasue88 - December 31, 2015

Wow, I just finished watching Wild myself, & was wondering what those 4 things are that we’re supposed to look for. So not only did you give me the 4 things, you also shared a brilliant analysis. How cool is that?! That’s for those extra bits that you found from the web to add in. There’s always important book stuff that doesn’t make it clearly into the movie. Thanks, Dan!

    dannycl - December 31, 2015

    Thanks Linda. That is why it is best to watch the movie first then read the book. Otherwise the book makes the movie a disappointment.

dannycl - December 31, 2015

Thanks Robert. I’ll make a point of getting a safe pic for you. As to me allowing my emotions to touch me through the movie is not really something I have to work on. My prob is I have become too emotional at times and find myself shedding a tear for no foreseen reason at all. I think my emotions started to show more since Dad died in 03. Being there when one passes is one of the hardest things I ever experience. The other was last year after my birthday and just before Christmas when I had to put my dog down. Now that was hard. Holding her while the vet gave her the needle, I still have moments dealing with that still. Funny how no matter how prepared you are to deal with death, come the time it all goes out the window. Anyhow here’s to the best year of our lives in 2016.

    traceymasterkey - January 5, 2016

    Best year of our lives . Love that !’

masterkeyrea - December 31, 2015

Dan, That movie does sound interesting. I chose Rudy, and wrote a separate Blog for it 13.5. I’m sure our team chose this set of 6 movies because of the content matching the 4 tiny habits. I wish I had the time to watch all 6. I have stopped watching TV altogether and up in Pittsburgh I watched 3 of the Hallmark Christmas Classics movies, with Lily and wonderful Raphaela. What pleases me the most reading today is that you have chosen to see the good and allowed the emotional part to touch you. That has been hard in the past and now that is gone in me. Keep your work up and get the Equinox running soon. I want a picture with you in it and driving down the road. Maybe a selfie with out crashing???

marymontag - December 31, 2015

Danny, I too watched Wild – it hit home with me on many levels, specifically losing someone so close to your heart and living aimlessly to fill the void. Thanks for the recap, I enjoyed your insight.

    dannycl - December 31, 2015

    Thanks Mary.I’m sure it hit home for a lot of us. Happy New Year

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