Week 15 A Week Like No Other

HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2016 is now upon us and what have we got to say in regards to how we started off at the gates.

How did you start off your first day back on the job? I wish I could say I was off like a herd of turtles, but in really only my without was doing better than my world within. what the heck is he talking about you are all wondering?  Well I shall share my ups and downs this week thus far. Somewhat of a roller coaster ride without the attendee at the controls.

My weekend was somewhat of a waste of time as to the things I was trying to accomplish before the webinar. Knowledge Dose Not Apply Itself! Also it is true that The Lack of Knowledge Does Not Apply Itself  Either!

I was tempting to remove fuel from my old van to use elsewhere. Not having any luck  with a hose into the filler neck . A friend mentioned about using the car’s fuel pumpShowing me where to looks on my new vehicle dose not exactly relate to the old one. Lack of Knowledge. So I gave up as it was 3:30 and we know Mark is always on time. Fine.

Webinar done,stomach full, I think I watched a little tv with Mother then time for bed and my readings. I just finished the last word to the master Keys when: Blink Blink Blink… I cannot see! The Hydro is out. Nice.

Ok now Hydro says it will be on by 3:30am.  Now you all know the feeling? If I have no alarm will I wake up in time? Of coarse we will! Our internal clock never falls. It is our thoughts of will it, that throws off the balance! I finally fall asleep when Mother marches in my room to inform me that the oven timer is making an odd noise. SO! Not like we haven’t heard it before. When the power fails and comes back on the clock flashes as all do and our timer starts chirping. This it never did when it was new. Just started within the last month or so. Anyhow once clock is set sound is gone. We have never used this timer. Ok back to bed. Power is on and I have 2 hours before I have to get up at six. I reset my alarm but the darn thing will not set. Lately when it goes of it flashes as if the power went out and the time stops. I have no time for this. I 86 it.  Lucky my iPod docking station is also a radio/alarm with 2 setting. Ok I’m good. I am up before I fall asleep. Out the door I go taking some of my companies energy drinks with me to get through the day. I know it will be a rough one so I prepared. Here is where Acting on Knowledge thus allows it to be applied!

Ok shift over and I am on my way home. Tiered as I am I persist on. Halfway home I am forced to pull off the road. Now for some of you, and probably a very few, know I have a very mild case of epilepsy which thanks to miracles I get a 5 minute warning. I start chanting the Guy in the Glass. Keep myself calm relax. Sometimes this works and nothing happens. But not this time. Sometime later, car still runing, I am ready to continue. Obviously I made it home safe and sound. I did go to work the rest of the week but not without mother’s concerns. They say Whites are silently stubborn. They tend to act silently stuppid also, but you will not see that in the colour code. That is the first down to my roller coaster.

On the up side Tuesday night I ended up adding another member to my MLM team. Applying Knowledge can be fun!

Wednesday we got off work early as our lumber grader had a dentist appointment. Down for him but up for me. So I stopped by the body shop to see what kind of change I was looking to have to depart with on my Equinox. He had most of the work completed and the certification slip ready for me. Said it would be ready Thursday morning. I am starting to get excited again. How did it look underneath? He shakes his head. Not good, I would’t put a lot of money into it. It has an unibody and it is pretty bad. Figure I should get another 2-3 years out of it. Well thats ok. It is just one more step till I have my Drean Machine a Charcoal Grey Matelic Dodge Ram 4×4 with hood scoops. Here we are Persistence! DMP…Make the words exact. POA….Step up in years to a reliable car thus getting me closer to the year of the my Dream Machine, and add more team members.  PMA…the Equinox is a Dream Machine all shiny and new. Even with added pin striping. I build my bridge one step at a time. Or My attempts repeated completes My undertakings. Unless I am trying to drain gas from my van. MMA.. Everyone who reads this blog! Mother! All the guys at work! And the biggest baddest of them all! The GUY in the GLASS!

So I asked one of the guys at work if he would drop me off on his way to work Thursday so I could pick it up and run over to the MTO or for you southerners south of me,DMV to finalize the transaction. Everyone likes my ride. Now to get some cool shots of it, and of coarse Me.

Oh! And also to get some much needed rest. I must say that the first part of this week I have done very little reading and still have all those honour requirements to deal with. For the first time in this coarse I have slipped more than I care to admit. Thank MKMMA and God for those recording. Them I managed to keep up with and the Guy in the Glass.

Good Night! ZZZzzzzzzzzzz……….

Kelvin - January 15, 2016

Man… and starting to think I’ve haven’t read near enough of your stuff. You’re a riot! LOVE your attitude — how did I get the idea that you were saying you were negative? HA! Such energizing commentary and you paint such great pictures of your week and bring us all along to smile with you. Bravo young man! Congratulations! Kelvin

    dannycl - January 15, 2016

    Perhaps you got that idea from me stating the amount of negativity I tend to have to deal with from others day to day. I thank you for being part of my audience.

fawnc - January 12, 2016

Dan, your ability to ride this rocky week with such awareness is inspiring. You brought me right into the intensity of your challenges, especially needing to pull over on the side of road to give a safe space to what your body/brain chose to do. That’s true surrender! You had so many moments when you were truly faced with what thoughts you would choose about the situation. Really seems you are applying knowledge, wisdom and the alignment that has developed from following through as well as you have. Give yourself acknowledgement. You’re making wise choices for yourself and those around you are benefitting. You might not always be seeing that but it’s really coming through. What’s really great, too, is that all of this is in your past now!

dannycl - January 11, 2016

Thanks Rex! Diffenately taking care of the sleep. Cool ride isn’t it? I left the out the year so I could expand my options more.

masterkeyrexp - January 11, 2016

Nice set of wheels you are after Dan! Keep after it, and get some of that much needed rest.

dominica8 - January 10, 2016

🙂 oh no, now you are NOT going to complain about THAT 😀 !

masterkeyrea - January 10, 2016

Dan, yes indeed a busy week. I’m in that boat with you. Oh where is the paddle?? You did a great job of laying out the week. I see from the words alone your doing your Best. I admire that most in you. When we miss a exercise, I forgive that in myself. If I’m unkind or unloving, I beat myself up like forever. You are focused and doing this journey with all of us. We all have weeks that seem like a struggle until you really look at it. Then it’s not as big a deal as you would have yourself think. When we apply the knowledge we have received and are aware of this we gather a impression on the subby that is forever there. I don’t look at the missed exercise I look at the heart you are demonstrating here. It’s loving, Kind, Powerful, gentle, harmonious,– I don’t think you need more, You are already great and know that, live as though you have already become what you desire most, soon it will be so.

    dannycl - January 10, 2016

    Thanks Robert. Yes we tend to be harder on ourselves than others are. Mostly because we know we can do better and we will except no less. I think for myself this week I need to at least focus on the organizational part of the week more than the tasks. Long as my ducks are in a row (cards)than that I have missed or not done( sits ) due to the energy used Monday night I am good.

Dennis - January 9, 2016

Danny – zzzz’s are essential to healthy living. Grab’em when you can! Looks like you’re headed in the right direction. Check with the guy in the glass often and stay in harmony with him. The rest will fall into place as intended. Congratulations on journalling your adventures. Cheers…

    dannycl - January 10, 2016

    Thanks Dennis. I suppose sometimes we get a little wrapped up in ourselves to notice the obvious.

dominica8 - January 9, 2016

wowwowwow 🙂 looks like things are MOVING! 🙂 🙂 hang in 🙂

52grossmasterkey - January 9, 2016

I know what a week like yours is, but you persevered and kept going. Sometimes life and things we can’t control get in our way. Just realize that yesterday is gone, and there is nothing you can do but learn from it. Hope you have a great weekend.

    dannycl - January 9, 2016

    Thanks Barb! I am actually ok about it although maybe just a little disappointed as I looked at this week as a fairly easy one. Maybe I will be able to double up on some of the tasks to feel caught up.

mkmmacolin - January 8, 2016

Love the ride! Knowledge does not apply itself… amen my friend. When we have the awareness as the observer, and we don’t do anything about it, then we are choosing to be pushed around by the old blueprint. We are choosing the old, and walking away from the new. Awareness is so important. And yes, a lot of white-color personality types are silently stubborn. I am secondary white, so I here you pal. Awesome post, as always!

    dannycl - January 9, 2016

    Thanks Colin. Guess I have been pushing myself too hard lately. Cheers

dannycl - January 8, 2016

Your Dad was a wise man. I like that! Organizing is slow. More in my head than in practice. I hear you on the calls. I have only made them with my upline. Talking in public business wise is worse. But I am progressing. Thanks

traceymasterkey - January 8, 2016

Hi Dan – everything happens for your higher good!! My dad used to say in every adversity look for the seed of greater benefit.. I need to apply this today. Hows the getting organized going ( I’ ll do anything but make calls…..

mommamccracken - January 8, 2016

Well, Dan, you never cease to entertain us – I think you are doing awesome buddy. Champagne celebration on the horizon. LOL

MKMMAwendyht - January 8, 2016

Aloha Danny! Congratulations on growing your network 😉 Wishing you lots of refreshing sleep! Yours in Gratitude, Light & Love wendyht

    dannycl - January 8, 2016

    Thanks Wendy. It was kind of funny at the time. I went into it focusing more on just getting the info to them and they ended up jumping in with both feet. The Law of Giving without expectation of Reciprocity. BAM!

dannycl - January 8, 2016

Thanks Sara. I may have to sit for 3-1/2 hours just to get the sits in.LOL

masterkeysaras - January 8, 2016

Some weeks are harder than others! This week I have been able to stay on task but the weeks leading up to Christmas was tough. I feel when those weeks happen as long as I catch up by Sunday I am still on task! Good luck finishing the week strong.

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