Week 16 Give Peace A Chance!

Or Just Let the Whites Rule.

( I am referring to the Colour Code here,Whites are motivated by Peace )


Here we are into week 16! Can you believe it! My how time flies when we are having fun. On the Up Side we are also half way through winter, and it just really started after Christmas. The Down Side is we are almost finished the MKMMA coarse. Just as we are making new friends and life lasting contacts it must come to an end. BUT! At least it will not go out without a Bang! Or should I say: BAM!

This week we have set in motion a world wide movement of KINDNESS!

Yes this week is Kindness week.

“To Do Onto Others as You Would Like Others To Do Onto You”

Talk about Powerful statements!

We get to observe Other Doing it To Others and even get to be the Doers. We can do it from behind or do it straight to their face. Do it inside or Do it outdoors. “No Holds Bared” as they say. If we don”t get caught even the better. But the main thing is to be kind in any way shape or form. “Big or Small We Get to Do Them All”

Ok I’ll admit that did sound somewhat like a James Bond Movie.

“For Your Eyes Only”

So What have you done lately to be kind? Let me share some of what I did and what I have seen.

Monday While at work ( I work in a saw mill ) I had to actually look for the kindness as living in a small town with no night life after 5pm, one gets so use to everyday acts of kindness they seem invisible. I Notice fellow workers and workets (we do have a couple of women employees, one pilling lumber and the other runs the resaw. ) do small acts of kindness that to the untrained eye looks like part of the job. The log peeler guy when walking through the mil will take the pail next to the rewsaw and empty it in the chipper trough. This pail is used to hold small bits of waste wood that comes off the saw. The woman’s way of keeping the work area clean and safe I would say.

Then there is the person that steps in when I have to leave my post and lumber starts building up they will step in and keep things moving till I am back.  My job is called Trimer. I trim of waste and put the square edge on the board. It is not in the job description. But the one I like the best is when Barb (she works on the board way pilling lumber ) comes back from a break bringing us some shortbread cookies. Today she brought us all some toast and jam. This does’t happen all the time.

One thing I must also say is the kindness  you will receive inside the MKMMA Coarse. Now my morning routine generally consist of after getting dressed I make my lunch while listening to my recordings of my readings then sit for 30 minutes enjoying my tea and check my email. Usually the latest replies to my blogs. Thursday I sleep in. It is 7:30 and I start work at 8:00. It is a half hour drive to work. So in short I didn’t get to check my mail till noon. I am always blown away by the replies. Today was no exception. One Of my top followers visited as always. Her kind words warmed my soul and uplifted my spirits. I thank all my followers and today I specially thank Tracey. For I feel like a child on Christmas day who can’t wait to see what they will find.

Then there is always those small kindness around the home. A cup of unexpected tea, a sweet snack etc.  Mother was so kind when I came home she let me finish doing the dishes. How sweet is that?  Let me tell you of the two secrete acts of kindness I did this week.

#1 Monday on my way home when I stopped to get the mail, the store was quite. Perfect! No one to see me. I walked up to the cashier and gave her $30 and told her the first 20 people who came in the next day for coffee is on me but moms the word. She agreed and shared a bewildered look.

#2 Today (Thursday ) Again on my way home I stopped into our local eatery and saddled up to the waitress. “What can I get you Love” she says. I replied, “do you still have gift certificates?” “let me see” she says. Yup! $25. “I’ll take two” Now as she digs them out and marks my name down for their records. I inform her moms the word. “you have an envelope?” She does. Ok “now put them in the envelope and write on it the following” “To be given to the 16th person who comes in here tomorrow”   “What are you up to she asks, and I tell her I’ll tell you next week.” ” Remember to remind me” So some lucky person gets $50 to enjoy with some special someone or just gets free lunch all week.

Now the only down side to keeping it a secrete  is that unless you do something you can hide in the background to see the results is that you never see the look on their face. The only thing you can hope for is to hear talk about it on the street. Either way you know you made somebody’s day.

So what will I do for the rest of the week?

Kindness Leads to Peace

I would like to share this thought from a Great Mind from my youth.

John Lennon Give Peace A Chance

masterkeyrea - January 20, 2016

Dan, Finally come up for air and catching up with some reading. I’m glad I came and read your Kindness week, the video of John was good choice. I had to stop and save the twitter picture. I so Love to find things that actually ADD to my day. I was so surrounded with Kindness that I could hardly see it at the time. Now I look back at the week. If I posted a comment for all that was Kind by me or others. I would still be writing, you know how that goes for reds. The comments here are helpful and Love the Lady’s mommamccracken comment. You are a wonderful man. You have given us a piece of your heart and for that I’m grateful to be your friend.

    dannycl - January 20, 2016

    Thanks Robert! Comments like that.make my hum-drum moments seem all worth while. I am also grateful for our friendship. Mahalo!

leighemasterkey - January 18, 2016

Great job with your acts of kindness! I really enjoyed reading your blog.

    dannycl - January 18, 2016

    Thanks Leigh it felt pretty darn good too.

52grossmasterkey - January 18, 2016

Danny, it sounds like you had a great week and a lot of fun doing it. Keep on keepin on!

dominica8 - January 16, 2016

kadziiiiinnnnggggg !!!! (translation: by autonomously chosen success-sound, so meaning BAMMMMMM!!!) 🙂 🙂 🙂
great job!

MKMMAwendyht - January 16, 2016

Aloha Danny – what a wonderful blog!!! You’re amazing! Your random acts of kindness were fabulous! BRAVO!!!! Wishing you even more wondrous times on this MKMMA journey. Yours in Gratitude, Light & Love wendyht

dannycl - January 15, 2016

Yes that man basically is. Now he knows it is more in his makeup than previously thought. Thanks for your support.

mommamccracken - January 15, 2016

Well Dan, I got to admit, I am envious of your followers and so happy that your kindness glows and is noticed more and more each week. That man that told me he was basically a loner??? But then if we sit quietly we see and hear more, don’t we? It was really nice to hear what you do on your job – have often wondered, but never asked? Once again, my MKMMA buddy – well done! And your generosity was wonderful. Being in a small town, it will be interesting to read in future blogs what the buz will be next week – not referring to the sound of your work LOL cheers Connie

Kelvin - January 15, 2016

Dan! That was awesome! I could see this “little boy Dan” pricing behind the counter, crouched down waiting to see who would get the gifts. I think that may be the most fun post I’ve read by you and the energy was awesome! I think my philodendron actually grew an inch from that energy. Nice job!

    dannycl - January 15, 2016

    Only an inch! I must be slipping. LOL Thank you Kelvin. Yes it is fun to do unto others as you like them to do unto you without strings attached. Perhaps I may continue.beyond week 16.

      Kelvin - January 20, 2016

      And… I *meant* “prancing” 🙂 Darned autocorrect 🙂

        dannycl - January 20, 2016

        LOL And yetSubby knows what you meant! Autocorrect, the great mind tester. Like reading upside down and backwards.

    dannycl - January 15, 2016

    Did you watch John’s video at the bottom?

fawnc - January 15, 2016

Wow! Dan! I kept getting filled up more and more and more as I was reading your post. Seeing through your eyes, all of the kindnesses that are followed through with people around you, gives such a level of Peace and sweetness. I love your declaration of Letting the Whites Rule, “Give Peace a Chance”. You’ve taken this to such a deep and profound level, completely uplifting! It is so powerful having the entire MAsterMind participate with the acts of kindness and share with one another. We’re allowing this amazing synergy bringing Peace throughout the world. Thank you for your abilities in noticing the kindnesses and engaging in paying that forward. Truly an amazing gift!

    dannycl - January 15, 2016

    Wow! Thanks Fawn! John Lennon would be proud! To be totally honest, after I posted this I was thinking “this is not as good a blog as it should be” Guess it goes to show you that you don’t always see what is right in front of you. I am grateful for your input. I am surprised that you are the first to reply this week. Making up for last week’s delayed reply? LOL

      masterkeyrea - January 20, 2016

      Dan, some times in the middle of an ocean of water, it’s hard to see water, because we look for everything else.

    mommamccracken - January 20, 2016

    hey Fawn – thanks for liking my comment – you are an awesome follower for Dan and many I am sure.

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