Week 17 I Give Myself Permision?

permission6Ok here we are again.  Week  17-1/2,  and into the third week of the Franklin Makeover.  Not sure what was wrong with the first Franklin that needs a makeover but what the heck.

We have 13 virtues we are to focus on each week. Not all at once mind you but one each week for the next 13 weeks, which takes us to the end of our MKMMA coarse. We had to pick two out of eleven as two have already been slotted in for us. These two had to be the one we need to work on the most and also the one we needed the least amount of work. The rest we were to fill in the blanks in no special order. Don’t dwell on it they said. Ok how many of us took more than a couple of minutes to fill it in? Took me 15min. DAH!permission7

The  second week was filled in for us with Kindness. (See week 16 for my Kindness report) The last one, week 13 is filled in with, See God or (Good) in Others. Whichever floats your boat. So I doubled my score in week two and now wonder how week three will fare out. We are to look and observe these virtues in others or even animals. Even if we see them on tv, radio etc. Ok let me know if you see any on the radio will yah? If we can see them then they are already in us. Those we have trouble seeing we in turn then know what ones we need to work on.permission4 As the MKMMA Team put it. R2A2,  Recognize,  Relate,  Assimilate and Apply.  Identity – Magnify – Multiply. Awareness is the beginning of change.

Here is what my Makeover spreadsheet is like.

Wk1 Well Organized        Wk2 Kindness      Wk3 Decisive      Wk4 Taking Initiative               Wk5 Enthusiasm      Wk6 Persistence      Wk7 Specialized Knowledge      Wk8 Courage                            Wk9 Self Control      Wk10 Pleasing Personality      Wk11 Imagination      Wk12 Discipline          Wk13 See God in Others

As we started this week we added another affirmation, thus giving ourselves permission. So I promise to Give Myself Permission to be happy And Powerful to Grow  permission1

I am not sure but I seem to be finding this stretch  oh how should I put it. Boring! Hum Drum! Getting to be too much of a “I get it now, how many times do I have to keep doing this?”  Yeah I know! The Pay Off is Big. So after looking at my list I am thinking in order to pull through this last half of the coarse I need to give myself permission to do all virtues at once.  Now how will that go? Lets see:

“I Promise to Give Myself Permission To Decide to Take Initiative with Enthusiasm and Persistence using the Special MKMMA Knowledge  and Courage to maintain Self Control with a Pleasing Personality in giving all of my Imagination to the  Discipline thus letting me See God and or Good in Others”

Breath Dan Breath! Man that was a mouth full was’t it? Should I have added a coma or two?

Now with all this in mind one must remember everything else we are to keep up on. All our readings. The DMP,POA,Service Cards. Emerson,  Greatest Secrete, Press Release, Blueprint builder and the World’s Greatest Salesman.  Of coarse for us smart ones we have most if not all of this on tape,cd etc. right? Oh and lets not forget our 15 plus minute sit after reading the Master Key for the week. How  am  I doing?  Thank God a lot of this is Honour Requirements. There has been the odd night I turned in without completing everything. Dam! I forgot we also have been writing down 3 things we are grateful for each day along with having written about 50-100 things we have accomplished in our life. Like learning to ride a bike or to swim. We added to this our DMP Smart goals. Another 12 cards.  We are to flash this cards daily to keep Subby happy. Most of this we are to do 3x daily. Sounds like having to swallow cod liver oil. Yum! Don’t get me wrong , this is all fun and no one put a gun to my head.permission8

54 some odd days back I saw a video of Mark’s about writing 3 gratitudes per day for 90 days. No repeats allowed. Cool! I thought. So I started. Little did I know 20 plus days later we where going to be doing this. I have 2 baseball mitts full of flipping cards! I had not been faithful to this exercise. However, as we are not to repeat any I have this little note book I started this with. So in order to not repeat I end up flipping through the book to make sure I am good. Hey! Guess What! I have been doing this excise all along!

Well with the gratitudes anyways. Maybe I should Decide to create a small pile for all the accomplishments and smart goals. Oh also in this pile (my mind is failing. It’s late and I need more chocolate) is cards pertaining to  2-3 sentence stating a pleasant experience that we experience each day. I’m a couple of days behind here to. How does one fit in a life around this?permission3So as you can see being Well Organized  isn’t my best side, I forgot to add my first 2 virtues into my I promise campaign.  Once again I manage to find something to torture your ears with. In Kindness I wish to leave you with a little something to take with you on the rest of this Hero’s Journey. Enjoy. Peace.

Use at Will!

permission slip


traceymasterkey - January 30, 2016

When you said in that reply you spend more time in thinking than doing ….that’s not procrastination Danny ..thinking is the greatest business in life (according to Haanael ) don’t worry about the how …you will attract everything you need to fulfill your DMP ..(I m using that permission slip to do thinking …rather than reacting . Thanks for dropping crumbs on the path …

    dannycl - January 30, 2016

    You are welcome. You are so correct. My sister has always commented on my thinking and how wonderful it is.

leighemasterkey - January 25, 2016

What a post! How do we fit life in that schedule?! I’m in denial too. I have lots of work to do, one step at a time. Great job on all the virtues in one sentence! Very clever mind you have 🙂

    dannycl - January 25, 2016

    Thanks Leigh! I think it spends more time thinking then doing.

52grossmasterkey - January 25, 2016

Hey Danny, I want you to also give yourself permission “to be alright if you don’t finish” each day. There are always things we want to get done and life happens. I am giving you that advice because that’s what I need to do. Have a great week and do the best you can!!

    dannycl - January 25, 2016

    Thanks. After tonight’s webinar (Jan 24th) I came to the conclusion I am in the Denial stage. That or I pretend not to notice my being Master of Procrastination. 🙂

fawnc - January 23, 2016

Hey Dan the man!
Love you leaving us all our own permission slip! Lovely closure.

As always, your humor comes through and makes me smile broadly. I’m agreeing with the other comments and love the personal expression and creativity that is coming forth!

Am curious to know where you applied your own decisiveness? It’s great to recognize it in others, to be alert to observing it in others, I find I often get surprised where I see it. I notice your focus on all of the activities, what are you noticing is happening in your internal world? Can you see how much more of your true authenticity is shining forth? Are you feeling even more comfortable in your own skin, Dan? Do you feel your thinking and actions moving more and more towards having your DMP?

I love your post and your heart as well as you keep bringing the awareness of how our colors impact our perspectives.
Great job, Dan!

    dannycl - January 24, 2016

    You noticed that did you? 🙂 I’m not sure if I have an answer. After my Week Like No Other it has taken more time than I thought to back into the flow. Might be the OBP back in the lead. I know what I need to do but the energy just doesn’t seem to be there.

dominica8 - January 21, 2016

😀 😀 😀 ooooh yesss……. ‘it takes only half an hour a day’ ????? noooooo waaaayyyyy indeed 🙂 🙂 for me too it has become kind of full-time 24/7-thing…. but hey, no complaints, it DOES work 🙂

    dannycl - January 22, 2016

    Thanks Dominica. OATS! I need to focus on OATS.

mommamccracken - January 21, 2016

As the others, once again I can see you saying your blog LOL Wow, when you write it, it sure makes us look busy!! Yes, definitely get those cards stating all of your accomplishments in life – you might be surprised when you start – think about it!! lol
I see week 3 is taking initiative – going to be watching what happens that week? hugs Connie

    dannycl - January 21, 2016

    LOL Just Think About It! Yeah I’m trying not too. 🙂 Mahalo Conster!

MKMMAwendyht - January 21, 2016

Aloha Danny, That was one DElightful blog – Mahalo for your content, your writing style, and for making me smile. YOurs in Gratitude, Light & Love wendyht

    dannycl - January 21, 2016

    Mahalo Wendy! I have created a monster no doubt!

lindasue88 - January 21, 2016

Not only is your writing taking on more & more personal flair, but the visions — great!!! Remind me not to go head to head with you on anything…

    dannycl - January 21, 2016

    Thanks Linda! So is that your White side talking? LOL

dannycl - January 21, 2016

Thanks Krystal! It never stops amazing me how others can see you better than you can see yourself..Beeing a white certainly brings out my best in thinking.

klwmasterkey - January 21, 2016

Oh Danny! You are amazing!! I love your honesty! I have not filled out all the virtues….. I really need to get to this… its just it took me two days staring at them for 5 to 7 minutes each time…. hey it took me less then 30 seconds to recognize that Persistence is my strongest……. LMAO.

I love you all the virtues into one little mantra.. THAT IS SO FREAKING AWESOME!!! and creative…. And here’s the best I find it very organized of you!
Also thanks for your perception of the Franklin Makeover……. Made some things clearer and I thought I understood what was being asked of us!!!
As usual… I love reading your thoughts. talk to you soon!!

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