Week 17 Part Doux “Journey of the Hero”


Coming into the second part of week 17, It seems keeping true to all task have me asking of myself “Am I being lazy? Is it my being true to my core colour of White?” Which states that whites are masters of procrastination. I hope I am not using this as a crutch? Certainly food for the Old Blue Print! Let him starve! I fed him long enough. Dam parasite!

Since the start of the Franklin makeover I have found myself slacking more than ever. I sit and listen to this week’s webinar and notice the feeling of being in unfamiliar territory. Looking in all directions to see which way I should go while all around me are running here and there with purpose. Yet I understand what is being said and why. I am concern to say the least, that I may becoming a candidate for the “nice to know you” speech.

We are now cresting over the halfway point of the Master Key Experience. The part of the Hero’s Journey where, like Jesus in the desert, about to be temper like never before. The test of all test. Do or Die.

At this point our Old Blue Print get to raise up and give his/her all to keep you in their court. Missery Loves Company! We now face the  Four Stages of Death.  Not so much human death but more of the death of Our Old Blue Print. It has been explained to us that this is our best friend,  who has been with us through Thick and Thin, the Good Times and The Bad Times. Sort of like marriage. However there comes a time in some to end it and move on. Like marriage not all parties are in agreement to the separation. Familiarity breeds Contempt. Isn’t that how it goes? I’m no expert here as I am still single. It has guided us safely throughout our life making sure we where not harmed in anyway. So it thinks. It has also in protecting us prevented us from becoming all we can be or all that we already are. Good thing it isn’t our enemy. Now that could be scary! Or is it?

So as we travel down this road of Heros to become all that we are we must face these Four Stages. Denial, Anger, Grief and Acceptance. All four are associated with refusing the call of the Herald. So Mark is explaining each step and as I listen, I suddently realize that I may be wrong and that I am not lazy after all. Denial! At this point in the journey one starts missing reads. Slaking on the sits and not fallowing the tasks. Or just doing enough so ones old blue Print will pat you on the back and say “At-a boy go have a snack and watch that rerun on tv”. I sit and ponder this. At one point while listening to the mastermind Q&A at the end of Mark’s enthusiastic outbursts I am interrupted and Old Blue dives in like a prize fighter in a tag team match. For an instant I want to throw my books down but I do not. Self Control takes over and I calm down. The battle is about to begin.

Monday evening. I have thought all day about my virtue, Taking Initiative. I spotted a couple in others and tried to focus on myself. I seemed to have forgoten this part last week. Tonight is our Tribe Call. A small mastermind group with our guide and fellow MKMMA classmates. I chatted earlier with one of my MLM partners who is also taking the MKE, Master Key Experience, about how she was finding the tribe call. She mentioned that it seemed her group’s guide lacked something in presenting the topic of the week. I believe it is more our time and we pick the topic or topics. We chatted about the core colours and I mentioned how well our group was doing once we got someone to start talking. I am White with a Yellow secondary. Both colours are not great fans of taking Initiative in taking control or leading the charge. Which is really kind of funny due to the fact the majority if not all of us are of a yellow white core combo. Thank God our guide’s core colour is blue. She is great in pulling teeth. LOL Well it isn’t that bad but you get the point.

So where am I heading? I am sitting watching tv and checking email before the tribe gathers. I think to myself, “Self! Lets just take the night off” Man I have no desire to answer this call. I am still dealing with Sunday’s webinar effects. It is 8:30pm. Tribe meets at 9pm tonight. 8:45 I am up. Ok lets get with it! I’m Taking Initiative. My Franklin makeover virtue for this week. As I wait for my guide to login I sit and with my workbook open thinking of what I am experiencing. Sort of a love hate feeling. I have no intension of quiting just so you all know. I am in for the long haul unless Mark throws me overboard. My past nipping at my but for all the things I said I was going to do and never have.

My guide logs in to find we are all here before her. As it turned out I was the one to be the first to share how things are going. I explained how I felt. After spilling the beans and admitting to some degree of failure my guide cuts in with her perspective. “You are in denial, what I am hearing is you are making the effort” She comments on the fact that just a few days before I rewrote my DMP, Definite Major Purpose. I am doing the work but half-hazardly. It is time to buckle down, AGAIN! . Dawn the battle attire and prepare to fight! KnightThis is me a few years back during a Santa Clause Parade.


Tribe members support her perspective. They cheer me on. I mention that even from the beginning of this coarse showing enthusiasm in my reads has been an issue. It has been a long time since I have had enthusiasm for something. I recall a time back in the late 70s early 80s I had the desire to learn the violin. My Grandfather used to play. I took the initiative to the point of locating an instrument and an instructor. Great! I will be just like my grandfather!  I’m all set. When I got home full of enthusiasm I proclaimed my desire to my parents. Now I must inform you that in the past I had this habit of saying I’m going to do this and that and then never follow through. “That old Crying Wolf” routine. I was Pumped! What did my parents say? “You’ll never stick with it” “you will be wasting your money and the violin will collect dust” Not a very nice thing to say, but they where right. Old habits are hard to break. Just like trying to stop smoking. Anyhow once I heard those words my enthusiasm fell like a lead ballon smashing to tiny pieces. Although on the bright side years later and much older I was once again inspired and found the enthusiasm to play the guitar. Thanks to my brother-in-law and masterminding with him I succeeded. I yet to master the guitar but I do know how. All I need now is practice.

So I am Taking Initiative and putting for more effort to slay my dragons. I will be calling on masterminds.

Early this morning (Friday) I had a few minutes to quickly check email before heading to work. One of my loyal blog followers posted her blog. I sat in shock for a few second. I would have never have thought she would be one to Sign Off “In Honour”. I will miss her support. She did the right thing and I am amazed she made it this far considering her work schedule. This moment has given me inspiration to forge ahead. I have no plans of adding this coarse to the list of all of my failures! IMG_0437

See You All On Sunday!




MKMMAwendyht - February 6, 2016

Aloha Danny, Please know that I’m still allowed to blog and also to comment on other people’s blogs – just from outside the MKMMA programme for now. I’m simply working at my own pace. So, thank you for your great blog, Danny, and please know that I’m still supporting you by sending you great energy from way out West on the Sunshine Coast ;-)) Yours in Gratitude, Light & Love, Peace & Joy wendyht

    dannycl - February 6, 2016

    Aloha Wendy. Great to here from you. This is a pretty harsh coarse at times(reality wise). I am sure we will chat again possibly on a trinity call with Linda and Connie. Mahalo. Peace be Your Journey.

lindasue88 - February 2, 2016

I just think it’s thrilling that you have pulled to you the loving support team to safely help you blossom & find out more & more of who you are. Shine on!

    dannycl - February 2, 2016

    It is isn’t it. “The Law of Attraction” BAM!! BAM !! BAM!!

      lindasue88 - February 3, 2016

      Ahhh. so subtle!

masterkeyrea - February 2, 2016

Dan, I stand in total agreement with everyone here including you. I have a sensitive and very emotional side. I can feel what you say behind the words you write. There is greatness already in you and it’s been there for like ever. Kelvin nailed it. You help others and should be wearing a Super Hero Cape of some Fabulous color and what do I see but the picture. lacking a flowing Cape. Being hard on yourself, and touching Fear, is part of the Real Life you are in. If you pick up a negative Ball, Look a little closer and your hands are full of positive mud. For me I see what the “Law of compensation” says; Good & evil, Positive & negative are halves of each other. I see you for the Powerful person who is scratching his way up a cliff and fighting demons & dragons, and wining a few and not all the battles. Here is the Sweet. We must touch the ugly, the fear a few times to savor the Good. You just described that is this blog, and everyone else sees it and in different ways, with the same result for you. WE see the progress you are making, Your character is exploding the Old crap that you loaded into the OBP is choking and dying and you are at the bedside consoline it. OK We all go through the same mud pit and we come out dirty and pissed off. But we come out with you leading the charge.
Dan this past two weeks I missed some exercises, and at the same time I didn’t. I had to put every ounce of thought power to a singleness of purpose. I never stopped being who I am, I refused the call and was scared, when I came out of that hole, I broke the sound barrier. My point is You are there and don’t see it like we do. For me, as a friend first, I’m good with that. I can and do accept who you are, and what you do – period.

Hug your Lovely Mom, and BE HAPPY FIRST

    dannycl - February 2, 2016

    Thanks Robert. Yes you all are right and in truth I do know that. We tend to get too comfy with those old shoes and hate to throw away what we need no more. The cement is falling and the harden core is being exposed. I actually feel better this week. Now as long as I stay awake long enough after work to get somethings done, that will be a plus. LOL

Don Grantham - February 1, 2016

Wow! If I could put words to paper and craft a message with kind of power I wouldn’t have to do videos. That was awesome. You nailed it for everyone.

    dannycl - February 1, 2016

    Thanks Don! You know I just write what I feel. I’m no Hemingway or Mark Twain. What I find each week is I wonder what to write and as soon as I start my subby takes over and all kinds of stuff screams to come out. Then after publishing I see it as not that great, then my wonderful followers reply and I am amazed at how wonderful my meals sage has become. Don’t count yourself short. Just write what your heart is telling you. Mahalo my Friend. Peace!

dannycl - February 1, 2016

Thanks Fawn. That violin story I have been pondering on sharing for some time and never felt comfortable about sharing it till now. Apparently the universe knew when and who needed it. Don’t get me wrong but my parents have been very supported over the years. It’s the old habits that formed the “sure you will” reputation. I feel this week will progress better. Last weeks curve ball really missed the glove and that hurt. But I believe my blog this week will be outstanding.

fawnc - February 1, 2016

Hi Dan! I, too, am so very touched by your transparency in your Blog. This Hero’s Journey is not for the faint of heart and I hear your sincerity for truly growing even when it hurts. Remembering those painful times, (enthusiasm being squashed through “pragmatic Parents”) requires us to face and feel the pain so the compassion can shine forth and guide us on our fiercest campaign~ aka our Hero’s Journey. The dueling visual along with your suit of armor photo are fantastic.
My hope is that you’re feeling how so many of us are truly wanting you to have everything in your DMP. You do inspire us. Your contributions feed the harmony and sustain the perseverance everyone is drawing upon to truly grow into all that we’re meant to be.
You GO, Dan the Man!! You got this!!
Thank you so very much for this heart rendering post. You touch us, Dan.

masterkeyrexp - January 31, 2016

Ahh, a fellow failed violinist. I gave it a try when in my 30’s and have decided that somebody needs to be in the audience, that is my place! Your struggles are so familiar, enthusiasm in particular. Sometimes I am trying hard to read with EnthUUsiasm and it sounds fake to me. Maybe our subby doesn’t hear it that way, but I’ll be damned if I’m gonna quit! I am a hell of a better shot with a pistol than my old blueprint can imagine.

    dannycl - January 31, 2016

    LOL Love the pistol part! I was working on my images for my blog and I took a couple with a pistol pointed at Old Blue in the mirror. Maybe I was trying to scare him off. Turns out he is just as fast as I on the draw. I think I will join you in the audience. Mahalo!

dominica8 - January 31, 2016

hey Dan, thank you SO much for this blog, this was EXACTLY what I needed to read at this moment, today. BOY am I struggling at this moment! I never EVER would have thought (thing seemed to evolve REALLY well for me), but me too today I was only half a inch away from ‘closing the books’. Your story here lifted me again, and reminded me of a few things I that had slipped my mind the last few harsh days. So; thanks a million. See you after the finish-line 🙂

    dannycl - January 31, 2016

    Thank You Dominica! I am so grateful and amazed that my ramblings actually inspire others at times. It would be a shame to come this far just to come this far. Looking forward to celebrating with you at the finish line. Mahalo!

dannycl - January 31, 2016

Now there you go taking the words right out of my mouth! Spoil my fun will you? LOL Old Connie. 🙂 No word on the certificates. Just knowing some had an unexpected great day is all worth it.
I hear you about Wendy. As you saw I was her first reply. I was really struggling with myself and when I opened her email it really hit me. She was not just a MKMMA family member but also (to my knowledge) 1/5 of our Immunotec team. Now there are four. Yes I have been quit, but so in thinking of the battle. I am regrouping and with the inspiration from Kelvin, Tracey, Linda, You and all the rest of the family “I Will Persist Untill I Sucseed”
Mahalo My Lovely!

    mommamccracken - February 2, 2016

    Oh, I am so glad to hear that!! We are going to have such a fun celebration! I am going to put the bottle of champagne on my list to do!!!

mommamccracken - January 31, 2016

Well Dan the Man – loved the photos. I think I saw you in your warrior apparel before, but great place in the blog. You have been pretty quiet this week and I have been wondering about you, so don’t scare me again – I thought you were going to throw in the towel for a bit. After Wendy leaving I was thinking oh NO. But I think this has been a very difficult week – with the death of our dear old subby being pushed aside. I know I have found myself feeling a lot less chatty – and no that is not a miracle LOL even though you might tell me so. hugs you are changing lives young Dan – keep up the good work. Did you ever hear who got your kind gift certs??

traceymasterkey - January 30, 2016

Another star blog from my favourite blogger .
Ah to sit and hold your hand Dan and listen to your stories that would be nice . A refuge from the storm .the bit about your violin enthusiasm breaking into bits ..that was hard to read you just needed encouragement to nourish your enthusiasm .
But plough on we must I’ve misplaced my compass am just fastening on that North Star. You constantly inspire me DAN the man with the great van. Defend the faith your photo is wonderful ..I want to print it and stick on my inspiration board . Mahola freind

    dannycl - January 30, 2016

    Go for it Tracey! Print that puppy! I wish at times I could be like those tv shows where the troubled character just stands fast and shouts “Give Me My Support Damit” but I yam what I yam cause that’s all that I yam! And then some. 🙂
    I be honoured to sit and tell you a story or two. Mahalo

Kelvin - January 30, 2016

Kick BUTT! Ya doing good. AND, I just sent you a little inspiration in your email. You are a man of depth, my friend. I’ve listened to you for some weeks now and you absolutely have the spirit, and not only that, you are such an incredible supporter of everyone else! You are the quintessential cheerleader. Dan the Man, rock solid support for the masses. Okay my friend, as they say in the airline business, PUT YOUR MASK ON FIRST! I had a coaching session on Monday, and my coach says to me, “I notice that when you’re helping someone else, you always perform; you’re always there. Whenever you make it ‘bigger than yourself’ you follow through.” And he’s right. I think you and I have a lot in common. You are always there for other people, so… this is bigger than just you, my friend. You have a gift that the world can use. You are a guy who inspires from the heart. YOU are a guy who deserves YOU as your biggest supporter. I hereby nominate YOU as Dan’s best friend and biggest supporter. All in favor? Yay! Unamimous. See you at the finish line. We’ll have a Pepsi together 🙂 Love ya man!

    dannycl - January 30, 2016

    God Bless you Kelvin! Now if I can just stop my eyes from leaking long enough to see my key board. I agree! We are mirror images for sure. If we lived side by side I don’t think the town could handle it. LOL
    Thanks for the support. I must send you an email this weekend. Cheers! Make that a cold one and lots of ice!

    mommamccracken - January 31, 2016

    Wow Kelvin – really nice reply to my friend Dan! And you are right – he is a very caring soul. mahalo

lindasue88 - January 30, 2016

I love your closing illustration. Way to go, walking forward, even with some pesky thoughts nipping at your heels.

    dannycl - January 30, 2016

    Thanks Linda. This is I feel will be my hardest trek thus far.

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