WEEK 18+Tuff Luv

Eighteen weeks into the MKMMA Coarse and at week five of the Franklin MakeOver.

The last two weeks which was an extended week seventeen had me in a kind of a turmoil trying to figure where I was at. As it was pointed out Denial, first stage of dealing with death had me second guessing my actions. The next stage to come is anger. However I am not feeling anger or denial this week. I,m doing pretty good.! I am still working on tasks that…how shell I put it? Whats that old saying? “Always Put Off Today What You Can Do Tomorrow”?  Hmmmm!!!!!! Sound familiar? How fitting!

This week we are into scroll V of Og Mandino’s Greatest Salesman in the World. The topic at hand? “I Will Live This Day As If It Was My Last” That’s It! “Never Put Off Till Tomorrow What You Can Do Today” Sound better? 

My Franklin Virtue for this week is……..the envelope please……..ENTHUSIASM!!!!!!!! Holy Crap! If anger is the next stage and if I have passed denial then why should I be enthusiastic? Damed if I know but, Hey! I’m ok. Wait a minute, is there a grace period between the stages? Mark!

Live Each Day As It Is Your Last! Powerful truth don’t  you think? I find this very fitting in something I spoke about years ago. I was taking a Hospitality Coarse which lead me enthusiasticly to go to college after being out of school for some time. As part of this coarse we had to write and present a speech. Could be on any topic. My choice was somewhat profound. “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow” So what am I talking about now?

Simple really.  “Yesterday is buried forever and I will think of it no more” or “Yesterday has never been” and “tomorrow is buried with Yesterday and I will Think of it No More” or “Tomorrow never Comes” 

These words are just that. Words that measure a moment in time in which we once were and perhaps may be. There is only Today. The Present! Now! All we have and all we will ever have! What has this got to do with finding your bliss? Probably nothing but in reality if you want to live your dream, work your passion then what are you waiting for? There is no Dr. Who Time Machine. Now is all we have.  Sounds kind of harsh doesn’t it? Tuff Luv!

The last fifteen some odd weeks the MKMMA team has and is preparing us like mother birds prepare their young to leave the nest. They have fed us with all the nutrients needed to build strong healthy wings. Guided us in the art of progression. Sent us out on trial runs, giving us a Sunday here and there off. This Sunday coming, Supper Bowl is another go forth and test those wings. At the end of the coarse we will either fly or die.3e92ec8cd27013d75e2c731dcf5dafc8

I am betting we will soar like eagles! Many of us have taken the challenge and only a few will make the grade. “Tuff Luv” As one of my favorite MKMMA classmates would say, “Think About It”

Oh by the way! I would like to leave you with a quote from the movie Hitch starring Will Smith.

“Begin Each Day As If It Were On Purpose” in other words “I Will Live Each Day As If It Is My Last”


Eleanor Norton - February 13, 2016

Fantastic insights. I love the Living on Purpose. Thanks for sharing

    dannycl - February 14, 2016

    Thank you for dropping by Eleanor. Always grateful to share insights.

masterkeyrea - February 12, 2016

Dan, My Friend, I can easily admire your courage to bring the real self here with us for all to see. I work hard like yourself on the being Present. First because this brings such power to be in harmony with the real universe. The Past & Future are but smoke in the mirror. I am absolutely Loving the virtues and focusing on one is great, but for me knowing we are bound by no Law because practicing Love or virtues adds to the world NOW. So I have a copy of all the Virtues (120) and will focus on one new one till June of 2018
The Virtues – – (120)
Acceptance, Accountability, Ambition
Assertiveness, Beauty, Benevolence, Bravery, Caring, Caution, Charity, Chastity
Cleanliness, Commitment, Compassion, Confidence, Consideration, Contentment
Cooperation, Courage, Courtesy, Creativity, Curiosity, Defiance, Dependability
Detachment, Determination, Devotion, Diligence, Discernment, Discretion
Discipline, Eloquence, Empathy, Enthusiasm, Excellence, Faith, Faithfulness, Flexibility,
Focus, Forbearance, Forgiveness, Fortitude, Friendliness
Frugality, Generosity, Gentleness, Grace, Gratitude, Helpfulness, Honesty, Honor
Hope, Humbleness, Humility, Humor, Idealism, Integrity, Impartiality, Industry
Innocence, Joyfulness, Justice, Kindness, Knowledge, Liberality, Love, Loyalty
Magnanimity, Majesty, Meekness, Mercy, Moderation, Modesty, Obedience
Openness, Orderliness, Patience, Peace, Perseverance, Persistence, Piety, Prudence
Punctuality, Purity, Purposefulness, Reliability, Resoluteness, Resourcefulness, Respect
Responsibility, Restraint, Reverence, Righteousness, Selflessness, Self-sacrifice
Service, Sensitivity, Silence, Simplicity, Sincerity, Sobriety, Spontaneity, Steadfastness
Strength, Tact, Temperance, Thankfulness, Thrift, Tolerance, Toughness, Tranquility
Trust, Trustworthiness, Truthfulness, Understanding, Unity, Vitality, Wisdom, Wonder, Zeal

Just so you know them all. LOL I had to.

    dannycl - February 12, 2016

    LOL. WOW! Never a small reply with you is there Robert? 🙂
    Just because they are there. Right? I think I will save those just in case. Mahalo.
    Hey have you found time to watch I Am and Finding Joe?

Dennis - February 10, 2016

Dan, sounds like you’re on the right track with living in the present moment and questioning yourself about whether you’re on the right train. lol. Know what you mean! Similiar vibes last week. Full steam ahead!
Dennis recently posted: https://masterkey.peakboomers.com/purpose-passion-persistence/

Mani - February 10, 2016

Great post… fly… be free 🙂

masterkeyrexp - February 7, 2016

You mean I am not supposed to put this stuff off??? Oh – I know where you are coming from Danny Boy!

    dannycl - February 7, 2016

    Did I get you thinking Rex?
    That was an old line my mother always threw at me a I pondered doing things.
    Thanks for the reply.

      masterkeyrexp - February 7, 2016

      Yup, but for me it was usually “What were you thinking?” after having broken something.

52grossmasterkey - February 7, 2016

Danny keep up your enthusiasm! Always good to read your blogs.

dominica8 - February 6, 2016

seems to me your wings are heading towards the right strength … 😉 ….
luv’d reading your post! 🙂

    dannycl - February 6, 2016

    Mahalo Dominica! It feels great to stretch them now and then.

mommamccracken - February 6, 2016

Another great blog, Dan the Man, thanks for the mention!! As you know I sometimes deal in ‘Tough Luv” cause I care so much – some might even call me ‘the wolverine’, but it is because I care about my friends and I hope each day of life gets better and better. And because I am the momma, sometimes ya know I might give you a little nudge out of the nest – cause I care! LOL Wishing you each wonderful day ahead – the PRESENT to you.

    dannycl - February 6, 2016

    Thanks Momma! It’s all good as Mark says.

dannycl - February 6, 2016

Thanks Wendy. Now if only the days were longer. Maybe I should move? LOL

MKMMAwendyht - February 6, 2016

Bravo Danny for living in the PRESENT 🙂 Yours in Gratitude, Light & Love, Peace & Joy wendyht

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