Week 19 Thinking! Still?

Week 19 and here I am pondering what it is I wish to write.  We got Super Bowl Sunday off  and we are given the chance to test those wings again. You know this means the end is near and Momma is going to kick us out on our own. Are you prepared?

Over the last two weeks we get to watch some more videos and practice the Power Pose. Power What? Have you ever noticed all those super heros you ever watched as a kid? What was the one thing that they had in common besides flashy outfits and “Oh I Wish I Had” bodies? Well it is their Pose.powerposeScience has it that taking a power pose stance for two minutes daily will feed your brain with positive energy. The power pose raises your testosterone and lowers your cortisol. So what does this mean you wonder? Well besides the obvious testosterone a natural steroid  will give the individual a more aggressive attitude which will raise your risk taking factor. So if you ever debated with yourself about going for that job interview or even asking that special someone for a date, then take that power pose for two minutes a day prior to your endeavour and you will be surprised.  Now take cortisol, another natural steroid which in short does the opposite by increaseing stress levels. A downer if you will. Both are needed and have several purposed, but I don’t want to end up writting something too exciting. So if you just want your day to get off with a good start then two minutes a day will give you a great possitive outlook. For example, I will share my second day into this.

Wednesday on my way to work I stopped to shovel a friends driveway. I parked as always across the street opposite the driveway. I was almost finished when this guy walks by and proceeds to tell me I am parked on the street in a no parking zone. I’ll debate the fact but thats another story. Now any other day I would have called him nuts. Instead of debating the issue as I was pushing my time to get to work, I just moved my vehicle and went on my way. I also added to my gratitudes cards that day “I am grateful for Assholes”. I since checked the signs and they where for specific to the spot they where planted. Not for the whole street.

The Movies

I AmFindingJoe

Both movies are thought provoking films. I AM I found on netflix but Finding Joe is more of a treasure hunt than I expected. So I ordered both along with a third called Happy

 I’ll let you know what it is like when it arrives. It is on the similar line to what the MKMMA is teaching.

Anyhow I Am in short has you thinking. Now just follow me here for a minute. Our planet is self contained self supporting right? The air we breathe never leaves the planet. It is regenerated and purified day in and day out along with the plants producing fresh air daily.  We won’t get into the science here as we all understand it and I need to post this blog asap as I am late already.

So regardless of you religion or lack of we all have our beliefs. So pick your favourite person from history or spiritual leader and just think about this. As when we inhale we do not use all the air we breathe and we exhale some of it as waste. As we breath we all inhale the same air molecules that Joan of Ark, jesus, Dinosaurs, Isac Newton and so on. Even if you don’t believe in the bible and the creation of man you have to admit this is pretty darn amazing. With every breath we take we are connected with every animal and human throughout time. Just think about it! Ramses, Moses, Cesar, Alexander the Great. This just blows my mind!

Now Finding Joe, Joesph Campbell’s story on his Hero’s Journey is equally as good but just a little different. It fits into what we are experiencing in our journey and gives insight into what we are to expect. Of coarse not all of us will go through this journey in the same way. I myself am still asking questions and pondering as to where I am on my journey.

Finding Joe starts out with the Golden Buddha Story. Full of metaphors and questions you will possible rethink your thinking if you haven’t already. I made some notes but now find it best to say “Just watch the Movie” Only you can explain it better than I.

What do I (you) love doing? Passion! What makes you most alive? Authentic Dream! Cannot Not Do! Universe will open doors where there was only walls!  We all are born with love but we Learn Fear!

Just some of the thoughts presented. As the movie progresses it shows a young Joe or at least a for-intense on his journey and the dragons he must face. Several examples of modern movies show glimpse of the Hero’s Journey. Take Star Wars. When Luck confronted Darth Vader in the cave and chops his head off he finds himself looking directly at himself.  For our fears and dragons are but only found within our inner self. Finding Joe can be a little deep from outside the MKMMA and most likely one may say it is all hogwash.  But we all know better.

A friend of mine Peter, since passed was chatting with a friend of his, Chuck about wFindingJoehether there was a God or not. Chuck beeng the no believer. The statement that was put forward by Peter was this: “If you are right and there is no God then what do I have to lose? However, If I am right and there is a God then what do you have to lose?

A very powerful statement in its own. A statement that can be used in any situation. Don’t you think?

I noticed something while watching these movies. Joe in particular. The Hero Pose can be seen several times in Finding Joe.

So I leave with this. If you have not watched these movie documentaries then




mommamccracken - February 19, 2016

As usual you have put a lot of thought into the week. Now everytime we meet, we will have to do the pose LOL

Eleanor Norton - February 17, 2016

Fantastic blog. I loved the quote “If you are right and there is no God then what do I have to lose? However, If I am right and there is a God then what do you have to lose?

    dannycl - February 17, 2016

    Really makes one think doesn’t it Elanor?

Kelvin - February 17, 2016

ROFLMAO. I can’t stand it. SKIP sending me the picture. I misspoke. LOL. You’re awesome.

Kelvin - February 17, 2016

Yeah, what Dominica said. LOL. I don’t know how you could ever have a bad day. You have such an incredible attitude. You’re like me — only White. And I’m a Yellow 🙂 LOL. Love your attitude and your insights and the humor with which you deliver any subject. Now, when you perfect Wonder Woman’s power pose, you take a picture and send it to me 😉 Take care, sir!

dominica8 - February 14, 2016

very funny as usual 🙂 you always manage to make me smile, I LOVE that, and I am very grateful for that, you asshole 😀

    dannycl - February 14, 2016

    A smile and some laughter can make or break a day. Hey! Just think of the theme song from Mary Tyler Moore show. BAM!

masterkeymilla - February 14, 2016

It takes a genius to be grateful for Assholes!!! Also, thank you so much for joining our MASTERMIND ALLIANCE. You are such a joy to have and chat back and forth with. 🙂 Hope to see on you on the webby tonight.

    dannycl - February 14, 2016

    Thanks Latasha, but the credit goes to Krystal for taking me in. I’ll be there.

masterkeyrexp - February 14, 2016

Well, I am pretty certain you gave me the OK to copy your gratitude card, it may become my favorite! Thanks a bunch on the movie reviews, I look forward to hearing about “Happy”.

    dannycl - February 14, 2016

    Thanks Rex. I am sure that gratitude card will resonate with everyone. lol. I thought at the time I should have just walked up to the guy and gave him a hug and thanked him for being one, but I decided it probably would not have gone as well as I thought.

      masterkeyrexp - February 14, 2016

      Agreed – you chose the proper action. However, the hug would have been hilarious!

MKMMAwendyht - February 14, 2016

Brilliant Danny!!! Well done! Yours in Gratitude, Light & Love, Peace & Joy wendyht

    dannycl - February 14, 2016

    Thanks Wendy! It is a blessing to have you cheering us on.

fawnc - February 14, 2016

Wow! Dan! Your post is so comprehensive on the Power Pose, begin grateful l for assholes and the documentary films. Really looks like you can be teaching this course! Thanks for all of the really great way of expressing the pertinent points to all of these. Mahalo!

    dannycl - February 14, 2016

    Thanks Fawn!
    Wow! Me a guide! Sure gives one something to think about. Could this too be part of my calling? Hmmm…..

      Kelvin - February 17, 2016

      The students you advise will never be bored!!! 😉

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