Week 2 Pushing On

It is now Thursday. Deadlines to meet.
Well got some answers from Citrix about my connection issue. Installed another browser. Safari may be the issue. If this works then next survey I will suggest MKMMA makes a note for new members to be aware of. I am feeling a little better but I think Murphy may have set my back, so getting subby stirred up again may take some work.
Assignments almost done. As you may have noticed my about page is still blank. I kept true to my reading of The Greatest Salesman. Found I was not quite making the 15min sitting. It was more of a 10 min sit. A rough week.
Now on the plus side I am getting things crossed off my fall chore list. It is amazing how writing out a to do list makes subby work.
Not really organized as some of my fellow classmates but I’ll get there.
Till next Sunday.

mommamccracken - October 13, 2015

Good to see you are getting computer issued figured out – and this will be a great week!

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