Week 2 Sunday’s Webinar

Was all set for another exciting webinar.. Getting worked into the MKMMA Spirit when Murphy strikes. 15 minutes to showtime, books in place pencils at the ready.
45 minutes later still not connected.. Old blueprint taking over.. Wanting to take a walk and screem. Why can’t I connect. Tried this, tried that. Shutdown,startup nothing. Crap! Off to iPad. MacBook out.
I am connected in more ways than required. Doing a slow burn, little hard to focus but I push on. I do the assignment along with the class. Think I will listen to the webinar tomorrow when calm has overpowered me.. Felt like I was about to be kicked out for missing the webinar.
Well it’s 9:34pm. Almost time for required reading, tomorrow is another day.

MKMMAwendyht - October 14, 2015

Aloha Danny, I really appreciated your honesty. I, too, can get stressed when the computer and I have a tussle over connecting. I had a challenge initially this week too. Oh, I just thought of something and I think it’s an insight into my PPN Autonomy & Liberty. When I get *^%)*&#@$ with my computer, I usually fall back on my hubby who has a math & computers degree. But this past Sunday, he was out on a Search & Rescue Helicopter Hover Exercise, so I had to figure it out for myself. I tossed my Old Blueprint’s reaction down the garbage chute, did a couple of de-stressing activities, and figured things out. When I told my hubby that my PPNs were Autonomy & Liberty, he said, “Oh, now I’m scared!” (sort of joking) and I said, “No, there’s nothing to be scared about.” I realize that the autonomy could be me really taking responsibility for myself and my computer. Mahalo, Danny! Cheers, Wendy

    dannycl - October 14, 2015

    Aloha Wendy.
    That is one thing I do not have the luxury of is a techno spouse. I really need to follow your example and crab the old blueprint by the balls and send him packing. As a child I had a real issue with my temper, or should I say more my parents did. I since have learn to control it although there are times of guestion.

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