Week 22A Odds& Sods

And what else can I say? Since March has arrived I find being self directed is more of self bewilderment. Yup! I think about where I am at and how far I have come.

It seems odd that when I applied to the Master Key Experience I had this expectation of how I will be when the coarse ends. Six months seemed so far away. I was unemployed when the coarse started and had time to spare. Then I was called back to work and started fretting how I was going to fit everything in. Thats when we got to start making recordings of our reading. BAM! What timing! I was worrying for nothing. Now that we are two weeks from the end, I am not sure whether to cheer or cry.

It has been a blast! Made new friends and alliances and even learned a thing or two. How bout you?  They said after the coarse the learning continues for life. I can see why. Somedays I really have to work at staying on tract more than others. Og says in scroll VI that We will become masters of our emotions. Dam! I think we should have started this in month one.  Yes some of us if not all will most likely slack off on some things. I have found this last month there is a lot I am not doing. Wether it is my busy schedule or wether it is time to restructure our teaching into a new more refined  method of staying focused. As long as we keep the main thing the main thing we will do just fine.

I run my week from Sunday to Saturday. As soon as Sunday’s webinar arrives I start reading the latest Master Key lesson. This Sunday before our Sunday off I seemed to have lost my emotions and spilled the bucket. Stupid thing is I knew better but there I was. BLAH BLAH BLAH. So off to bed I went and in my sit looked for the answer. Monday (thinking it was the 1st) started reading scroll VI. To my surprise I was a day late in my reading and should have read it Sunday. “I Will Be Master Of My Emotions”. Well looks like I scored big time here haven’t I?

Then came the challenge of the Vow of Silence. Another emotional flare up and I did manage to hold back the rush and be the silent observer and listen to see what others will say. It was almost that NO TV week all over again. Wow! That was close. Then came a small incident at work, which I will just leave alone. Once again the emotions took over. It took me the rest of that week to get my emotions back into their respective corners. I shared this with one of  my mastermind tribesman and it really helped just to get it out there. “No One Makes It Without A Mastermind” Is the universe testing me? Is this part of my journey like Jesus in the desert? Perhaps so.

I thought when I started this coarse I would be on my way back from the abyss. I really have no idea as to exactly where I am in my journey right now. Reading other’s blogs I have noticed some took two years where others made their journey within these few months. I have a ways to go and will get there in due time.

This past weekend has been somewhat of a relaxed not much happening weekend. Saturday Mother and I met my brother and his wife for a late lunch in Norland about an hour away. We got home around 4pm and after a tea and checking emails I fell asleep in my comfy chair. 7:30ish I awoke to find that Mother took a nap also. Then Sunday I found myself sitting with Mother watching the Hour of Power. I’m not a big fan of church or even watching related programs on TV. However here I was. There was one thing that really seemed to take root as I watched.

It is this:

“The Thing You Worship Is The Thing You Become” Sounds a lot like “You Are What You Think” doesn’t?

Then there was:

“The Soul Is Designed To Worship Something” I found these words very profound and related them to the master keys.

The subject of the day was on believing. If you think about it regardless of your beliefs we all believe in something. Even believing in nothing is still believing. As the pastor continued he made the observation that wether one knows it or not even no believers have their days of being grateful. They may not know why or to whom they are grateful but they are. The Soul right from the beginning has this desire to believe and to worship something. It sort of fell into my thinking that regardless one way or another we are all worshiping the same thing. We may call it something different than God or the Universe. I suppose as long s we are all in service to others and doing what is best for the grater good than we are in enlinement and on the right path.

Last Sunday after TV I felt kind of restless yet didn’t have the desire to do anything constructive. God knows I have lots to do. The Vow of Silence is still playing through my mind. When, Where, How, etc. So I said to Mother “I’m going for a walk” You’d have thought I said something out of sorts! I don’t take walks that often if not at all. So off I went. It was after 1pm. My walk in silence took me in to the lake where I was born, a quarter mile one way. Then while there I detoured up to the dam for a little looks see. I then headed back out the road and took a side road (unplowed) through the bush to a near by road. Another quarter mile approx. From here I continued to the highway and down to the next side road and followed it back past my house where I worked my way back home.

IMG_0469One of my stops halfway to the lake. The dam is on the far left in the back.

I got back home about 3pm. Tired and yet refreshed. Still today as I write my calves are still complaining that they should have stayed home. It was a peaceful walk and letting thought wonder where it may was great! No big Ah Ha moments but perhaps this was shall we say: All in the training for the Big Silence.



lindasue88 - March 16, 2016

Sounds like that walk was the tip of an iceberg — not an obvious big deal, but beautiful & precious for being out of the ordinary. Thx for the lovely photo.

    dannycl - March 16, 2016

    Your welcome! I believe Connie swiped it for her desktop. Nothing like bringing back old memories. I really need to get out a walk more often.

dannycl - March 13, 2016

Thanks Rex!
Always good to hear. It keeps one in check when the vision gets a little foggy.

masterkeyrexp - March 13, 2016

Yup – you are becoming the observer, you are noticing how you feel and interact with others, Good Job Danny Boy! My how you have grown!

dannycl - March 13, 2016

Thanks Robert!
Perhaps it would have been best if one went Ito the MKMMA coarse expecting nothing. Not letting the mind focus on an outcome until it happens. Either way you are right. I may have been there long ago and just lost sight in the rat race of life.
Mahalo for your thoughts. Now is the time to slow down and reflect on those perspectives.

masterkeyrea - March 13, 2016

Dan, MY FRIEND, Yes I’ve learned a thing or two. But it’s what I have lived and done that lasts forever. I see you Dan experiencing life to the fullest. You are creative and Loving. When you went for your walk, the silence you think you will plan for some day was with you every step. The things that are not getting done is because you are growing into the dynamic person you are and are making decisions as a “self directed” person. That is the GOAL of the class. I have to say that – YOU are there, & not a step more is needed. What I see is that you need to accept the power you are creating and live fully.

Be Happy, Loving, and Fruitful, Then share this with others.


    mommamccracken - March 13, 2016

    Nice advice Robert! Dan sometimes thinks I am like another mother – tough love LOL

dominica8 - March 12, 2016

indeed I think you are already much ‘further’ than you think or give yourself credit for.
thanks for a WONDERFUL post, bravo for your ‘serene sincerity’, beautiful picture that made me dream….. and I could feel the air and oxygen getting into your system while walking there…
and then omg, that sentence “my calves are still complaining that they should have stayed home”…… you are SO brilliant. I almost fell off of my chair laughing, so unexpected and SO spot on funny and ‘speaking’ metaphorically: different parts inside you (your mind 😉 ) and their interaction with each-other…. ‘yes-no-go for it-leave it’…… I think we can all related to that but too well … 😀

    dannycl - March 12, 2016

    Thank You Dominica.
    At times I finish my post and think,”it’s not got the usual humor it should have” Then, like you the comments come in and point out what I cannot see. I suppose at these moments I am more focused on my writing than I am on what I write.
    Thank you so much for making my day!

fawnc - March 11, 2016

I’m really struck by how much you are noticing your thoughts and actions, Dan. “thoughts that fire together, wire together” Your silent walk does sound like the prelude for your “Big Silence” or… you do get choose, my friend.

    dannycl - March 12, 2016

    Thanks Fawn.
    You know the more I look back on my past silent nature, I believe I am farther along on my journey than I may realize. The MKMMA may just be the slap in the face snap out of it, I have been waiting for.

Eleanor Norton - March 11, 2016

I think you experienced some silence on your walk. I know we can’t all do days of silence but a couple of hours a day is certainly a start. Congratulations on coming this far.

    dannycl - March 11, 2016

    Thanks Eleanor.
    You are so right. My guide said the same thing tonight on our call. I suppose I may be expecting too much too soon from this coarse. I plan to due the three days and will, but for now I will build up to it.

mommamccracken - March 10, 2016

You are doing so wonderful Dan – far more than you realize. I can’t wait to pop that bottle of champagne with you! We are on our way you know – my next step is to get you doing the ‘Think and Grow Rich” info and there will be many more popping of champagne bottles for you and I. I just got chills confirming it. I would have loved to taken that walk with you and it was wonderful to see the photo and hear you describe the area where I spent my summers. That was a very special time in my life – and I do miss it so, but also look forward to each wonderful day ahead. Pop fizz can you hear it Dan? ps proud of you getting out for a walk!! If you were to ask Dave where to find me if I was upset – my steps would always lead me to water nearby. Your subby knows. Never again say that you don’t finish things! lol the momma has spoken

    dannycl - March 10, 2016

    OH No! Momma has spoken! Slow down on the popping of the corks. Someone might think your trying to get me drunk.LOL
    We should do a walk sometime. Maybe drag Linda along?

      mommamccracken - March 13, 2016

      Wonder if we could fit a wee walk in when we come up in april?? Linda walks her dog daily and we had a nice walk in my neighbourhood one day. Up on Corrigan’s hill.

        dannycl - March 13, 2016

        Anything is possible! You should know that by now. LOL

MKMMAwendyht - March 10, 2016

Aloha Danny – great blog post. Mahalo for the picture. We’ve not really had much in the way of snow this Winter, so it was beautiful to see snow, the stream, and the hills. I think your Silence will be wonderful. Well done for being able to finish the programme!!! I can see that finish line ahead for you…and then further on…and then… 🙂 Yours in Gratitude, Light & Love, Peace & Joy wendyht

    dannycl - March 10, 2016

    Thanks Wendy!
    I figure if I don’t want Linda and Connie kicking my butt, I’d better cross that finish line. Not to mention past habits I don’t want this coarse to become part of. Diffenately a personal improvement thing.

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