Week 24 What A Wonderful World


31/  This week, try to realize that this is truly a Wonderful World in which we live, that you are a Wonderful Being that many are awakening to a knowledge of the Truth, and as fast as they awake and come into a knowledge of the “things which have been prepared for them” they, too, realize that “Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither hath entered into the heart of man,” the splendours which exist for those who find themselves in the promised Land. They have crossed the river of judgement and have arrived at the point of discrimination between the true and the false, and have found that all they ever willed or dreamed, was but a faint concept of the dazzling reality.


Week 24. Our final official lesson of the Master Key System.  It has been one heck of a ride and over the last week I have found myself reflecting back. I went back to my week one blog and read each one through. I noticed several things but one in particular was the fact that throughout this coarse in the alliance and on my tribe calls I have been saying that I yet to have my Big “Ah Ha” moment. Now in reality I have had several. My problem was that my expectations going into the MKE where too high. I was looking over the tree tops trying to see what was at my feet. I have grown more than I realize. I may not have traveled the path I thought I would but I did travel a path. It has left me with a lot to sort out as I continue on with my Journey.

As we moved into the masterminding section of the webcast  and I was filling out the survey I could’t help but notice the emotions of fellow classmates. This coarse as they say is not for the faint of heart. It has effected us all in many ways. For me at this moment I seemed emotionless. Survey done and as I looked at the time I realized I had to sign off and tend to a prior commitment. So off I went.

later that evening I retire to my room to read the MK lesson for this final week. My emotions are …well….I just can’t put it into words. Do I want to cry! Cheer! I just can’t place it.  As I read Haanel it all seemed so perfectly clear. Paragraph 31 (Top) in particular!

This is Truly A Wonderful World.  BAM!!!!

My blog starts formng in my head at the rate of sound. Yes! Ok! I can sum this whole coarse you in just one song! No I am not going to sing to you.

“I Think To Myself What A Wonderful World”

I have chosen two videos to share with you. The one on the left for it’s scenery and the other for you to watch the master himself. Both are powerful in different ways.

Listen to what the Great Satchmo (Pops) has to say on the subject.

louis armstrong5

The Great Satchimo


I see trees of green    Red roses too.

 I see them bloom to    For me and you

 And I think to myself  

  What a Wonderful World

  I see skies of blue   Clouds of white

The bright blessed day   The dark sacred night

And I think to myself   What a Wonderful World  

louis armstrong4

What A Wonderful World

The colours of the rainbow    So pretty in the sky

Are also on the faces    Of people passing by

I se friends shaking hands   Saying How Do Yo Do  

They’re really saying     “I Love You”

I hear babies cry    I watch them grow

They’ll learn much more    Than I’ll ever know

And I think to myself     What a Wonderful World

Yes I think to myself

What a Wonderful World

Ohhhhh  Yeeeaaaahhhhh!

Now I ask you, is it me or dose everyone chock up in tears hearing this song? What truth and power! I know you are wondering how does this sum up the MKE coarse. One word. LOVE! All that we have learned, all the tools, even concentrating in Thought. It all works at it’s best only  through Love.

Our tribe had it’s last official call this past Monday March 21st,  I must say it was one of our best. We chatted about where our paths will take us next and how we found the coarse overall. Week 24 in picticular.  Our tribe is six strong not including our Wonderful Tribe leader Fawn.  We have a wide spectrum of age among us and each other’s input gives us such a well balance machine it is almost scary at times. Almost to the point we know exactly how the other will reply. Krystal and Latasha are the youngest, Krystal (yellow) is the mother in the tribe keeping us all in line and on focus. Latasha, (Red) she is the calm, serious one who is our voice of reason. She steps in and says it as it is. Shelley we haven’t placed her yet as she just joined us within the last two weeks.  I am going to say she is one of the elder tribe members. Then there is Vince, (White) I am going to say he is the brother who is on the road, one of our tech crew. Next to me there is our fearless leader within the tribe. Kelvin (Yellow) my mirror image. A preacher’s son. So I say he is the preacher in the tribe but don’t tell him I said that. He is our voice of logic. He can read us like a book, the big brother father figure sort to speak. And then there is me, Dan (White). The Joker, the man of insight who can explain the unexplainable through his weird and wonderful sense of humour. A spoonful of humour makes the medicine go down! We are a well oiled tribe.

So as we laughed and shared our thoughts as we also where blessed to have Loren and Marg join us from Loren’s tribe. Fawn, Kelvin and I were the only ones using our webcams, for the first time.  Oh it was Krystal’s and Latasha’s birthdays and the Joker decided we had to sing Happy Birthday. Well let me just say this. We will never do that again. LOL It would have sounded better if only one of us sang it. BUT! Then again as we have learned over the past six months, it is the THOUGHT that counts. Right?  And at the end as we gave our Diamond for the night, the three of us sat looking at each other waiting for the other to sign off.  We obviously did not want it to end.

mommy its over

Mommy It’s Over!!!!

Well that is the first feeling that came to mind but in reality. The Carpenters said it best!

“We’ve Only Just Begun”

We’ve only just begun to live,
White lace and promises
A kiss for luck and we’re on our way.
We’ve Only Just Begun


We’ve Only Just Begun


Before the rising sun we fly,
So many roads to choose
We start out walking and learn to run.
And yes, We’ve just begun.

Sharing horizons that are new to us,
Watching the signs along the way,
Talking it over just the six of us,
Working together day to day

And when the evening comes we smile,
So much of life ahead
We’ll find a place where there’s room to grow,
And yes, We’ve just begun.

And with that all said and done we are all finally leaving the nest and putting our skilled wings to use. We have one more official webinar this Easter weekend. Both Saturday and Sunday. There are many options and we are told the coarse just doesn’t end. It is a life coarse and the teachings and learning continue. We are the teacher and the student.  With next years coarse to come there will be more need for guides.

“Onward Christian Soldier”



dominica8 - March 27, 2016

it’s SO heartwarming to read the and feel the wonderful, fresh, bliss-ful energy that is resonating with this blog….. on you go …. enjoy, and keep us posted!

    dannycl - March 27, 2016

    That I will Dominica. I signed up for life.
    Mahalo and Happy Easter!

masterkeymilla - March 24, 2016

Wow! You really did a good job explaining that last call to readers, Danny. You know, as much as I don’t want to see this course come to an end, I am soooo ready to put my DMP into action. That’s truly what I am most excited about, the part of the ending that’s just beginning for me. And you. And Krystal. Kelvin, Shelley, and Vince. I wish you nothing but the best, brother. Take care.

    lindasue88 - March 24, 2016

    I can hardly wait to hear about the first tribe meeting with Creepy Actor as Tribe Leader. Share the love!!!

      dannycl - March 24, 2016

      Yeah it should be interesting. I better get that office organized before then.

    dannycl - March 24, 2016

    I am also looking forward to hear about your progression along the way, Latasha. The best thing is we have our tribe and we all will take these journeys together. Almost like watching your children grow.
    I have a plan.

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