Week 25 Uplifting Inspiration Pulls the Switch.

Well here we are now into May 2016. Did everyone have a restful April off? Or was it busier than expected? I certainly found it that way.

You ever wonder where you get your inspiration from at times? I am sitting tuned in to last Sundays MKE Continuation webinar on scroll VIII of Og’s Greatest Salesman In The World.

“Today I will Multiply My value a Hundredfold”

In all the scrolls are inspiring but for some reason scroll VIII just isn’t sparking my engine. Now Scroll VII “I Am Master Of My Emotions” tells another story as at that time I needed it more than ever. Perhaps I need to just keep reading? Anyhow, back to the webinar.

Now as I sit and listen to Mark and the crew go on with their Hell Fired Enthusiastic Blah Blah Blah! Sorry guys it is how it hit me at that moment. Maybe I was expecting more or I just wasn’t giving my 100%. So we are down to the last page before masterminding, when BAM!  It hit me! I was also chating with my tribe masterminds and to one in particular. Krystal, having some dilemmas of her own and as I was aiding in words of wisdom I had to stop and pass these words on to her.

“Things Turn Out The Best For People Who Make The Best Of The Way Things Turn Out”

I can’t help but think about how Krystal is doing. She is in Alberta and considering all that is happening my blue portion of my colour code had to look up just where she is in accordance to the fire. IMG_0546Both Her and Shelley are safe and sound and life continues on it’s merry little way. Inspiration! Where am I going? Well as life has it, all the goings on just have to be posted on social media. Everybody’s business tends to be everybody’s business.

Every day I login to face book there it is staring me in the face! Words of Inspiration! 

One saying after another.  I wonder if the Universe isn’t knocking at my door. IMG_0545With all I have on my plate and with the Mill winding down, perhaps it is time to fire up that soul and get off my Buts that have enjoyed my ass for far too long now. MKE Guide Training has started and I still have reading to do. Warm weather is cresting the days and before long I will be getting those come help phone calls. My time will be filled once again. Which by the way is Great! The Law of Attraction! Abundance cometh in form of cash. It always works out. And always on time. Take the cost of becoming a Master Key Guide. It is in USD Funds and seeing our Canadian dollar is low, this adds a big chunk to the overall amount. Now we get to pay in instalments but still it is a lot. A sure way to determine who is committed, Right? Anyhow as it turned out the universe spoke and my tax return will cover it. So why was I worrying? I also need IMG_0550to set up a hosted blog. Once again, the universe spoke and my maintaining of my going silver in my MLM business has entitled me to the moving up bonus. This will not cover it but it certainly takes the pressure off. And yes, this inspires to want to do it again for May to get another bonus. In my list of many talents I install click_lock flooring. I happen to have such a job for this weekend. More money towards Guide training. And to top it all off, I received a call tonight from a wheelchair bound lady, who needs someone to give her hubby a hand loading some furniture from the cottage they just sold. Am I silently manifesting my destiny? I think so! So yes! Positivity with Intensity and Enthusiasm can fuel the fire within. Knowledge does not apply itself but it certainly deserves some credit.

“Knowledge is Power, But Enthusiasm Pulls the Switch”

There are 3 solutions to every problem:






For after All it Boils Down to Just Two


Peace be Your Journey!




masterkeyrea - June 14, 2016

Dan, ,
I’ve been busy and just now read the email to Denise and saw this link. I read your blog and almost fell out of my chair laughing when I got to the “There are 3 solutions to every problem:”-I thought of about 1,000 before I calmed down. I deal with problems everyday. the one solution I engage in more than most of my coworkers is “I call for Help”, get advise, another body to make it safe. When it gets really tough I create some temporary solution to get them by until we can get it done right. Even with problems of the heart, Stillness would have to rank high on my list because of the creation power that is there.

My Friend, Keep you Light bright and the darkness diminishes


    dannycl - June 14, 2016

    Dam! I’ll have to try harder to pull the chair out from under you. LOL Well Robert as I see it, even the 1,000 ways that came to your mind can all be placed in one of these choices. Even asking for help is changing it.
    Thanks for dropping by.

D. Rembert - June 13, 2016

Love this post Danny!

    dannycl - June 13, 2016

    Thanks Denise! I hope you found some inspiration?

mkdeanna - May 17, 2016

Thanks for your vulnerability Danny. Life certainly does happen at the end of our comfort zone and we can choose to act or react. It’s what we make it. The greatest gifts in my life have been born out of seeming adversity. 🙂

dannycl - May 15, 2016

It is, isn’t it! Every day one never knows where one’s self will take one.

mommamccracken - May 13, 2016

As always interesting to see how your life is progressing!

MKMMAwendyht - May 13, 2016

Hi Danny,
Great to “hear your voice” again 🙂
I wish you all the best for your MKMMA Guide Training!

I, too, am taking some additional SIPS-Kinesiology training next month, more on IntegratingChildhoodReflexes with SIPS-REFLEX and also taking the teacher training for SIPS-BAP (Body Alignment & Proprioception) – also great for integrating some reflexes. And, if there’s still funds after that, I’ll be taking the SIPS level 8 and BIO classes as well.

Here’s to our success in learning new and wonderful things!!

Be well.

Yours in Gratitude, Light & Love, Peace & Joy

    dannycl - May 13, 2016

    Good for You Wendy! I see you are keeping busy. Wow! Where does one find the time? Thanks for dropping by. These days after MKE tend to give one the impression we are all falling away, yet in reality we are truly following our bliss.

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