Week 3 Finding What Works


Week one went well, mostly due to old BP having to deal with culture shock. Finding a quite place to sit is always fun. I did my sit wherever I could fit it in. Once I did it while working in my back yard. I have what I like to call my bunch but in reality it is a storage shed. I have an old wicker chair just inside the door. Another day I was working on a clients cottage so at noon I made use of his dining room. I was sitting for 20-30 minutes easy.

Week two starts with tech issues stopping me from connecting to webinars. This really fuelled old BP and the fight was on. I was only able to sit for 5-10 minutes. Even though I’d set the timer on my iPod.I asked a friend who also has joined me on the mkmma quest, and was told to follow the MKS instructions. “DO IT NOW”. So I posted the question to the Alliance. How Important is doing the sit directly after reading the Master Keys. I got two answers. One said it isn’t as crucial as long as you keep a mind to the instructions while sitting. Great! This should help a lot. The other answer said to follow to the letter. Hmmmm. Got to work this out.

So here I am, did the read at bedtime, lucky to make 5 minutes. Too tired I suppose. Did the sit in the morning and almost made the 15 minutes. Tried at noon sitting in my train room but even here I was still being challenged. Last couple of days I have been sitting in our sunroom with a set of ear protection headphones on. My iPod on my leg. It starts to weigh a ton, got to put it somewhere else.Really had to focus on dealing with it but made the 15 minutes.

I suppose my sitting still issue goes back to my youth as a child. I have to deal with epilepsy and sitting still has never come easy. At a very young age when a seizure would come on I would rock. Not the rock one does to music. lol. Even though now I have it under control and hardly have any issues, unless I misbehave. My rocking has never left me. Needless to say there are many rocking chairs in our house.

As to Mark’s instructions to making connections I am not sure what I have noticed so far. Guess the biggest thing I have noticed is writing things down and getting them done. I have always been aware of this but never practiced it religiously. I have always known that if I need to get stuff done I best write it down and check it often. It dose work people. This brings me to a movie line that re-manifiested itself to me when I started this coarse. The movie, The Ten Commandments staring Charlton Heston as Moses and Yul Brynner as Rameses.  The line is repeated throughout by Rameses. “So it shell be written, So it shell be done”. Amazing isn’t it?

Still revising my DMP. Changed my PPNs from Spiritual Growth and True Health to Autonomy and Helping Others. I feel better about it know. 1st revision I though, hey thats not bad just a few points to work on. By my 2nd I was thinking Crap! I have fallen back a few steps. Thanks to my guide and re-watching Sundays webinar I took her suggestions and picked new PPNs. No wonder I was fighting with this.

How to answer the question of What do I want? What is my purpose in life? Why am I here?

When I was in my teens and hearing the story my parents told about my birth ( mother calls me her miracle child ), I came to realize my purpose in life at that time was to take care of them. I am the youngest of three by 10 years. My parents planed the time of my being. Ten years and ten months latter the miracle arrived with all the challenges to boot.

So I said to myself many times over I hope God has more planned for me than just caring for my parents? And the quest goes on.

Man am I rambling just a tad here or what?

Anyhow, here’s to week 4


Brian Jaconetti - October 16, 2015

Like your blog great work

    dannycl - October 16, 2015

    Thanks Brian

Linda - October 15, 2015

Way to go, piecing it together and making it work. Geez, I never even thought about having to do the sit & the MK read at the same time. I’m happy when I get them both in sometime! & I agree, I think it’s just important to remember what our sit assignment is, but to do it whenever.

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