Week 4 The Murphy Factor

Week Four started Thursday night of week three.

As always for some reason I always seem to check n to see if the upcoming week is posted or not. Sort of a watched pot never boils. BINGO week four is posted, interesting. So I ask the Alliance if I missed a day and no we are still on Thursday. Hmmmm.

Ok fair enough I’ll print out the reasons in the morning. No use peeking. Finish Strong as Mark would say.

Friday morning after my reading Mother complains of a pain in her head. No it isn”t me! I’ll spare all the details, but she is fine thanks. So off we go to the emerge, around 9ish. We get home around 6pm. My optimist self must have thought “oh it is a slow day we will be in and out in no time. When will I learn?  Hungry, tired and yes I missed my midday reading.

Seeing that my Bro was coming up to help with some roof repair I’d get week 4 lesson printed out. IT’S GONE! Sure enough it was noted and turned off. 10 hours till print time. Ok no sweat all is good I’ll do it Sat morning. Saturday came and went without any help from Murphy other than a touch of fall snow.

During Sunday’s webinar all is good. More to read and old BP wondering how it was going to fit in. This is starting to feel like work. I am thinking how I will manage if called back to work. Got to balance this out. So I am thinking GREAT! Lets Get at IT!

I’ll free up some time by checking the digital connections and setting up whats required so I can take Monday night off. Right?

1st bump is category does”t show at bottom of blog. I’ll post a question. Blog roll, peace of cake.

Now comes Tweepi. Not happening. I’ll post another question. No replies. Ok so I am tuning in to monday night webinar.

Now keep in mind after running pc devices and now running apple I have an issue with installing things so I can watch/access different sites. In short there is no tweepi extension for safari and I have not found one for firefox. Still no big deal I just have to be a little faster on the clicking. No Problem!

So you would think all is over and on with the show. Now Mother has a doctor appointment Tuesday morning.

I am starting monday webinar and phone rings. Mother says the next set of windows are coming tomorrow. Ok thats fine I spend the evening prepping the room. Not a problem. Wrong! Mother decides to move the follows to the table I am sitting at. Old BP is really Peeved. Calm down no big deal. back to dealing with it.

Wednesday all seems like it is settling down. Furnace guy comes and goes. Come nightfall furnace doesn’t start. Murphy strikes again. No heat till following day, thank god it is still fall. Finally I get furnace running. Here is where a real mystery steps in. It turns out that I have four wire strand running from thermostat to furnace which only uses two wires. As it turned out there was a split in the line and for some miracle one of the wires was connected to a wire that wasn’t being used. yet it has been running for over five years. Now wired right all is warm and toasty. So I ask is it Murphy or is there some greater force sending me a sign?

So all in all I kept to my reading of the GS, but did miss some readings and a couple of sits. Maybe this was the week Old BP decided to give it one more try to defend his comfort zone. Lets see what Tomorrow bring. Calling for rain and I still have my service to finish. Maybe I can sit still half the day to catch up.

Week 5 Bring It On!

masterkeymilla - October 31, 2015

Dan the Man, you are pretty funny. Love this post.

lindasue88 - October 24, 2015

Quite the list of challenges. Bravo for getting this blog blogged!!! & I’m really glad to hear your home is warm & toasty. Maybe an affirmation about things flowing smoothly & easily will do the trick?? Meanwhile, I really appreciate your really personal and expressive style of writing. Thanks

    dannycl - October 24, 2015

    Thanks Linda. Know if I can just do that with my DMP I might be able to get a crip on things.

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