Week 8 Staying Humble


WOW! Where did the time go? We must be having lots of fun.

I started prepping for week eighties always on Saturday printing out the lessons for the new week, trying not to seek a peek at what is to come. I focus mainly on the printer printing and placing the weeks lessons into their corresponding binders. Just  a little peek OK?

NO TV! FOR A WEEK! I’m a bad boy, should have left well enough alone. Talk about poking at soldering embers. How am I going to do this? I can’t tell mother no tv. It’s her house.  What about her shows?We both own half of the tv but I can’t shut off my half. Wouldn’t that be fun?

That did it, the old blueprint is awakened like an evil demon who has been banished for thousand s of years.I am thinking how to do this. After watching Sunday’s webinar I am still fighting with Murphy. Ok I will start on Monday.(which means I finish on Monday) I am watching tv tonight.It is never good to quit cold turkey right? Besides I am not an expert on the subject. Ok lets focus on what I can do this week to stay away from the tv zone.

I can do some reading. Got lots of books relating to my MLM training. I still have things to do outside before mother nature tucks us in for the winter. And there is this good samaritian act I got myself into for a so called friend who had a heart attack the friday before dealing with a reno construction job. My plate is full. And of coarse I have that mental diet to master. My best so far was four days. Mother, bless her soul, offered to turn the tv off, but I declined. Most of the time I am out of the house anyways.

God bless my new macbook air, for I am sitting in my bedroom connected to wifi without a phone. I can attend webinars. Isn’t technology wonderful? This is great as my room is at the opposite end of the house and the tv.Mother agreed to use her hearing aids more and turn the tv down. I can at times hear it but can’t catch what is being said.

I am starting to feel like a child being punished and sent to my room. LOL This is pretty funny actually cause as a child my room housed all my toys. being sent there was never a bad thing. I preferred it to going outside to play.

This weeks digital assignment is to record yourself while reading your DMP,Press Release etc., so you can feed subby anytime anywhere on your phone, mp3 player or even on cd. Become a Star and Let the Light Shine! GREAT! I Think this will be a snap. One new laptop with Garageband app and three other apple devices. Everything should be fine. What could go wrong? Did I actually think that at some point?

Wednesday night after several software install and uninstalls, I am still unable to get my recording to my iPhone/ipod. I visit the MKMMA Alliance, post questions and follow said advice from classmates and the experts. Still nothing.

My being a good guy and helping a friend has kept me well fed with stress and opinions. Almost to the point where singing The Guy in the Glass doesn’t help. I sit down Wednesday night to read before I retire and the spirit just isn’t there. I throw Og down and utter a negative thought and go to bed. Come on Dan FOCUS, find the positivity. Maybe I should quit. Murphy is in his Glory. ( and if I do I have two classmates who would kick my butt till it falls off) Yes girls you know who you are. 🙂

Thursday arrives. I get up, make my morning tea and pick up Og.The feeling is back, not as strong but back. I go deal with the unwanted stress thing and get through it fine. Now back to that recording. Hey! Where is my cassette recorder? It’s old tech but still can do the job. I’m good. I check out more of the Alliance as I have slacked here a bit. To my surprise the majority of members are handling it with little to no issues at all. What is my problem? Suggested software Audacity installs fine and seems to work but the Lame Library install doesn’t want to connect 100%. Maybe they should have named it something else. No opinion, just saying. If you name your son Sue you are just asking for some bumps in the road.

Can’t find the cassette recorder. Saw it not that long ago. Hmmmm…..

BINGO!!!!!!!! No I didn’t find it. What I found is a device I bought from my late Brother-In-Law.

Thank You Kevin.

Who said you can’t talk to a passed loved one? Trick here is all in the listening. Anyhow, out comes the H@ Handy Recorder. How does this work? It records onto a SD card in either wav format or mp3 depending on the settings. Downside is you need headphone for playback as it has no built in speakers. Basically it is a professional digital mic.

So I have now recorded giving and receiving, scroll two, and my blueprint builder.

What a relief! How long was Kevin talking to me? Probably all week. I am back in the flow again. Which is good timing as I got the call to go back to work on the 30th. I was wondering how I was going to fit my reading in.

Now I have to come clean here a bit.One the the other task we have to do this week is to setup a MMA Master Mind Alliance with at least one person. This can be within the MKMMA or without. I can’t say I have done this. Yes I could have asked my mother but God Bless her, she has been supportive, but she is the biggest pessimist I know. I have to really work hard on staying possitive when we chat about things. Murphy just loves her. LOL And the friend I am helping? Opinions Are Us INC. I’m not going there without a restraining order.  God has blessed me with a helping attitude that I find hard to walk away from at times. A small curse I suppose. I am a white and it is written whites will avoid confrontations at any cost. If I had only known that before I met him.LOL  As to others, I have been a loner since grade school. And that is Ok as I still have myself.

Thank God again for the MKMMA Tribal Call. Even though it is every two weeks it really helps. Nothing like being humbled when you are feeling low.

I mentioned in my last blog about singing the Guy in the Glass. I found myself doing it in the second week. It just came to me out of the Blue. Or was it the Red, Green or Yellow? This was one of the first recording that I did. It needs some tweeking. One of my smart goals in my DMP. It reads:I play my guitar with others,raising money for worthy causes such as the restoration of our town’s first fire truck.( I promise not to sing here as we need the money) Doing the recording has brought out my guitars again. It has been a couple of years since I had the time, sort to speek.

I had a reply last week from Barbra, saying she would love to hear my recording of the Guy in the Glass. So bare with me as I redo it and get the guitars in tune. I was going to add it in this blog but with the tech issues I feel It better not to rush the perfection. I promise to attempt to post it in next weeks blog, all technology being in harmony. Maybe I will edit my voice like the chipmunks. Or not. LOL.

Anyhow! I am still here and moving on to week 9.

Dan the Man

Peace be the Journey

masterkeyrea - November 28, 2015

OOPS not sure what I did but I didn’t finish. This week I was able to completely manifest a object in my DMP and it was the main thing on my heart. I put it in my week 9 post and told you about it briefly.. I how have lived the manifestation of my object in the DMP and realize the words should match the actual vision in my spirit. Not sure how that’s going to happen just know I am doing that and helping you do the same.

I’ve thought a lot and the exact vision in my mind of what I wanted our family to be came about even better. The words in the DMP, did not match, my thoughts. When the words match we will have what we want and everyone around us will be better also. Perfectly stated I think the visualization is more important to get right.

Anyway I really enjoyed reading this weeks adventure of yours.

    dannycl - November 28, 2015

    Thanks Robert. My week has been pretty full. Still have my bog to write and want to reread your DMP more closely. Your doing great!

masterkeyrea - November 28, 2015

Dan, I just loved your post this week. Haven’t had much time this week to read the rest but I will soon. Your mom and the TV thing is funny except I hear the pain. The recording was a “this is not happening” thing and I asked my 17 year old son. I told him about the “how to videos” and audacity & Lame..1/2 hour later we got it and laughed so hard that when we heard a siren we thought they were coming for us.

Juggling the time and all the things we commit to is difficult yet makes life worth while. I do see the hard work, the fun you are having. The Honesty with us is refreshing. I wanted to get a feel of who you are so as we work on the DMP, we can relate better. Just reading your post my sense of you is “he is real” and that made me happy. We will enjoy this work and the time is coming out of thin air. I’ve decided to create a extra hour for each of us just for this DMP.

I gave up TV and the radio in my work van, at the beginning of the class. Not only I don’t miss it, I actually have sufficient time to do most everything. Except when I’m on call. The computer I mainly study and read training and MLM nuggets of wisdom from others. I also am starting a MLM business and learning how to build it correctly.

No TV– I’ve found that I’m becoming much more positive than before. Then the diet hit us. frankly I’ll make it 2 or 3 days and my response to something is quicker than I catch it. I’m getting better and laughing more about it. There is a lot of help on the blogs and alliances with this. I just need to slow down and think. I’ve been using negative crap for so long that I didn’t even notice it much. Now I see the value.

barbarawestfall - November 28, 2015

I love your honesty. And yes the old blueprint is acting up this week for me too….. big time. I love your comment about you and your Mother owning half the TV each. You are doing great. Persistance, I think, is key here. I just love Deepak Chopra’s comment:
As long as you are in the process, the result is guaranteed.
So look at what you DID accomplish in the end….. no TV, did your recording, got back to the read and sit, got your guitar out and kept your BUTT in tact.
I say well done sir. Keep up the great work.

    dannycl - November 28, 2015

    Thanks Barbra. Protecting my butt is number one. The week went better than I thought, overall.

mommamccracken - November 23, 2015

Well, I see from the comments that I am not the only one that enjoys your humour! It really is ‘a calming read with a smile and chuckle’ Even the bit about kicking your butt$$%%## LOl I guess sometimes it is good to be known as the wild wolverine, even though I am usually just a big sweetie?? But seriously it warms my heart to see that you are connecting with such wonderful people – and I know if anyone can master the 7 day diet it is you – so glad you are on this journey with me!!

    dannycl - November 23, 2015

    Thanks Connie. I knew you would love the butt joke.

traceymasterkey - November 22, 2015

Oh Dan I know technology can be frustrating so I shouldnt be laughting – but your blog is so sweet ! thank heavens you are back on the PROGRAMME- you can always mastermind with me – would be delighted but I am a yellow- (loud but getting quieter…) enjoy the web tonight ..must print my stuff out

    dannycl - November 22, 2015

    Thanks Tracey. I may take you up on that offer. Keep up the laughter. As RD says it is the best medicine.

masterkeymilla - November 21, 2015

Dan, you keep me in stitches. Seriously! I’m glad you decided to keep sticking it out. And I love your honesty. It’s something we have in common. Peace to you this weekend. See you tomorrow on the call. 🙂

    dannycl - November 21, 2015

    My pleasure. Peace

MKMMAwendyht - November 21, 2015

Aloha Dan the Man, I’m so glad you’re still here. So am I ;-} LOL. Thank you for your honesty and for your courage and determination to keep going – for yourself and for everyone in the MKMMA programme!

eileensmasterkey - November 21, 2015

I enjoyed reading your post. I’m very impressed that you made it 4 day on the mental diet. I can’t seem to go longer than 24 hours, and I think I’m doing pretty well… 1 or 2 small slip-ups a day.

    dannycl - November 21, 2015

    Thanks. It has been a challenge for sure. I haven’t made it past day one since.

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