Week One

Following the steps to qualify for the MKMMA Pay it Forward scholarship was fun yet at times nerve racking. Living in small town Canada, getting two copies of The Greatest Salesman in the World was my first major concern.

There are two local bookstore here and they are both a half hour drive away. The first I contacted didn’t have the book in stock but said if ordered by Friday would be in by Thursday. The second store’s website said it had one in stock and would take 4-5 days to order the second copy. As it turned out I now own four copies due to my concerns of backorders and delays. I am sure a few days late in getting the book would not have kicked me out of the class as this was an Honor requirement.

So I keep one copy by my bed, one by my comp chair,one in my car and the fourth will go in my lunchbox. Thus no reason to be caught without it.

Then there was the wait. watching to see if I made the cut after submitting my application and paying my app fee. Along with two friends who applied also, we wait and check. check and wait. In the meantime I started finishing setting up my twitter and blog page. A requirement to be filled in in the app. This was fairly easy  but tweeting them is another story for another blog.

the required reading is going well. being off work helps to get in the swing. No sleeping in till noon. A little time planing here. Mark is right about the midday read being a challenge. I always don’t eat lunch at same time daily.

My biggest challenge as is for most people is writing your DMP-difinate major purpose or your life dreams as it were. I have been asking myself forbears

‘what is my heart’s desire” “what do I want out of life”? I always knew at an early age that the reason I was born ten years after my sister(I am the youngest of three) was to take care of my parents. Mother is still with me. What comes after this I had no idea. MKMMA is where my answers are to be revealed.

After three days of banging my head on it I finally wrote something down. When I started to type it into an email I ended you writing more than I originally came up with. Looks like my subby just took over the keyboard. I should have let him start it first.

I was about to say I haven’t heard from my guide and I thought, Hey check your email first. BINGO! Houston we have contact. My guide has arrived. All is on track.

Now one other requirement is a daily 15-30 minutes of sitting perfectly still. Something I could never do and still find outside this requirement I am in constant motion. Almost every chair in my home is a rocker. Another blog story maybe.

so far while sitting nothing major has jumped out at me. This may take time as I have over 50 years of cement to chip away at.

The journey of all journeys. May the truth set you free.

So it shall be written, So it shall be done. Rameses in the Ten Commandments