Week11 & 12 Persistence Comes in All Sizes

It  was December 10, 2017, the end of week 11 and the start of week 12 of the Master Key Experience.

I get to do something I love that only comes once a year!

Play With My Trains!

It is our town’s annual Santa Clause Parade. In the past I was one of the Parade Marshals making sure the parade goers and Santa found their way in line and got moving on time. With over a hundred children lined up to see the Jolly Master Elf come down the street, we diffenately don’t want Him to get lost as he has hundreds of gifts awaiting the children inside our town hall.

As I was getting things in running order I got to thinking of the kids and their smiling faces. Could there be a better reward?

As everyone started pilling in to the hall I was reminded of a Bible Qoute from the Master Keys Week 11 lesson.

“Whatsoever Things Ye Desire, When Ye Pray, Believe That Ye Recieve Them & Ye Shall Have Them.”

Notice there is no limitation“Whatsoever Things” is very definite and implies that the only limitation which is placed upon us is in our ability to think.  I wondered! Are any of these children praying for Santa to bring them a train set for Christmas? If they are I am sure they shall be persistent in their praying!

I have three trains running on one 4×8 foot layout, two HO scale (1:87) and one N scale (1:120) with one battery operated larger scale Christmas train running on a separate table. Battery Train4x8 layout

Santa was busy with over 200 plus kids while our local Fire Fighters operated the kitchen and parents did their best to keep their Bundles of Joy from wanting to play with my trains. Everyone was busy Persisting to Win! Yup! Prescience!

 Og Mandino & Scroll 3 of The Greatest Salesman in the World.

“I Will Persist Until I Win!”

A key factor in succeeding in life’s Desires! And so I persist with my trains as some children continue to be themselves regardless what their parents say or my “Please Do Not Touch” signs say. LOL After several small train derailments and countless observations and restarts of the 7 Day Mental (No Opinions) Diet I to persist in re-railing everyone back on track.

I kept reminding myself “Why Are You Doing This?” I look over and see a mother with her son who is not much taller than the table my Battery Train is on, jumping up & down with excitement as the train chugs by playing Christmas carols.

Yup! This is why I Get To Do This!

See if you can spot him in the last video.

Here is a closer look at my Christmas Train.


My 4×8 work in progress. My first feather weight portable layout. Today it features The North Pole Express (for the Kids) My Adult Christmas Cheer Beer Train hauling a selection of Adult beverages along with boxcars of food ranging from Oat cereal, lasagna and OJ to Hershey’s Chocolate and a Coke tank car for your Canadian Club. After all it wouldn’t be Christmas without a healthy well balanced diet! Right? Lets not forget the N scale. I also added two other scales to show the difference in scale size between O,S,HO and N.


And so if it wasn’t for the Persistence of Santa and his helpers making this time of year bigger than themselves, this story along with many others would never exist.

I leave you with this last video showing just why we Get to Do This. See you all here Next Year!

Merry Christmas!









Amy - December 24, 2017

Finally found your blog! Loved it! And the child jumping up and down with joy over your train. Balanced diet…LOL
Merry Christmas!

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