Week26 A Tale of Two Seas

I must confess a little here. This post is a tad late in posting. Then better late than never right?

As I continue on my journey of my new life, I sometimes stop to ponder just where things are in relation to before the Master Key Experience. Now we all know we stumble and fall back now and then. Before the MKE some of these stumble were just that. I’d dust myself off, caught and continue. Other times, way back when, that stumble would become, or did become the end of a dream. Some I have forgotten, others, well, perhaps I will revisit and review their importance to the presence now.

What, if those whom have joined me in this journey, would say is the number one factor they /you have gotten out of this experience thus far?

I would reckon to say it is a more abundance of ease. Life just seems to flow more fluidly! Sure there are the odd restrictions and blockages but in most cases I bet they will say a huge weight has been lifted off of their shoulders.

Myself? Well there has been moments of slippage but in general things are just working out. A door closes and two more open. Take today for example! I met with a fellow about a small job I have taken on for the summer, keeping a culvert clear due to beavers. As we chatted I was offered the opportunity to put my name forward to the cottage association that has hired me. The offer is to be of service to the cottagers themselves. I must remember to follow up on this.

I’ll admit, when the mill shuts down I tend to start to worry where the next pay check will come from. Why after taking the MKE I do this is beyond me! Suppose old habits die hard? Anyhow, I have been offered 2-3 days a week at the bakery(Linkert’s Country Bakery) possible 4 going into August. Yes this is family related, although no family owns it now. It just works out doesn’t it? Stay positive and positivity will seek you out.Why hasn’t most of us known this before? Simple really. It takes work to stay positive. Our comfort zones for most part are somewhat negativity fed and we just didn’t know it at the time.

The path of least resistance! Admit it now! If you where told to go to the top floor, and you had the option to take the stairs or the elevator, which would you choose? The elevator is the easiest but the stairs are more rewarding. Both mentally and physically.  After all anyone can take an elevator. So what’s my point?Jordan River

Take the Tale of Two Seas. The Sea of Galilee and The Dead Sea. Both fed by the  Jordan River. Galilee is full of abundance life featuring creations never seen anywhere else. And The Dead Sea? Well just that, Dead. Why?  Galilee has an entrance and an exit. Dead Sea has only an entrance. You have been on a road once or twice that says No Exit right? Where does it go? Now where! So if a sea cannot go forward, or better yet if we/you cannot go forward than what will happen? Absolutely nothing! You will stay in one spot till death do you part! Harsh I know, but this past week a blog on this very Tale smacked me right in the chops.

2 seas

So if you are tired of staying in the same old spot, never seeming to get to where you want to be then I suggest you look into taking the Master Key Experience. Trust me! It will change your life!



Amy Swift - January 9, 2018

How do I follow your writings?

    Danny Linkert - January 9, 2018

    One page at at time Amy! One page at a time.

Robert Rea - July 25, 2016


As I read, the excitement of getting to go there and sit with you and MOM. Be in a different environment and I realized I read all the way through and not read a word. Went back and read in the NOW.

As for me I see a world of difference in you. and the dead sea is not you now at all. Great analogy of never allowing ourselves to be sucked in to “not doing anything”.

See you in Canada soon.


    Danny Linkert - July 25, 2016

    Thanks Robert!
    Guess the countdown has started. LOL
    Did you click and watch the video linked to the bottom image So Give, Live and Love?

    See you in the Great White North Eh!

Connie McCracken - July 13, 2016

As usual, great blog Dan. The story of the dead sea also really caught my attention. Awesome to be masterminding with you and Robert!!

    Danny Linkert - July 25, 2016

    Hey Conster!
    We ned to still have that completion celebration before that wine goes bad!

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