Week7 CEL-E-BRATE Good Times COME ON!

Well here we are!

2017, year two as a MKE Certified Guide.


It is mid week of Week Seven and things are happening like never before. We kicked off this year brand new software and phone apps to make the MKE experience better for both Guides and new members alike. It has been one heck of a ride thus far and yet it still seems as we are just getting started.

What has this new technology brought us you might ask.

In the past when one had to submit their DMP- Definite Major Purpose, we did so by way of email. This kept everyone busy staying focused as not to get tangled up in the long threaded emails. Now, a new DMP software keeps track for both guides and members all in one spot. No more loading up you email folder.

The MKE has lots of added features which can benefit all in business and social life. Then there is a couple of cool apps. Marco Polo for keeping in touch with each other and responding to quick “How’s it Going'” check ins. This takes a little getting use to but it is instant and face to face. More up close and personal.

We also have a MKE app which allows members taking the course to keep track of their reading.

My favourite this year has been the Tribe calls. Last year as an intern guide I only had ten members of which not all showed up for the call. It is not mandatory but highly recommended. Accountability is key and despite what others may think, one cannot do this course alone. This year I made certain I was ready. Got in my required supply of magnifying glasses and compasses figuring I would end up with 10-16+ members.  WRONG! I ended up with 24 members! Whey! A wee bit of a rush, but you know something? I was prepared more than I thought. With learning the new technology and focusing on the possible rush onslaught  of DMPs, in all, it was a piece of cake. Well done Dan the Man!


So with all this said I wish to take this opportunity to congratulate all those who made these past seven week so Awesome.

The MKE Staff and Guides for going Above and Beyond the Call of the Hero’s Journey.  Bringing 2017 MKE’s new and improved look.

You are ROCKING IT! #NothingLikeIt Mahalo!

The new members and lifetime members for answering to the call of their Hero’s Journey. Achieving in less than seven weeks more than most people only dream of over a life time. This is no small task!


writing a DMP,

discovering your PPNs,

employing SMART GOALS,

rewiring their brain with new habits

to visualizing and befriending their true self.

All the tools, from reading, vision boards and now in week seven making recording, writing their own press release.

It Is Time!

Please join me in saluting and applauding them all!


        In the words of KOOL & the GANG.



And for Mark J (Sorry Dude!)




Linda - November 13, 2017

Yo Dan, GREATTTTTT to have your words of wisdom & humour out & about. 🙂

    Danny Linkert - November 13, 2017

    Thanks Linda!
    It is at that.
    Taking in some of this Cool Fall Air. 🙂

Connie McCracken - November 13, 2017

Great blog Dan – glad it is going well for you!

    Danny Linkert - November 13, 2017

    Thanks Conster!
    Feels Good!

Anjali - November 12, 2017

Stellar blog Danny! Thank you for this.

    Danny Linkert - November 12, 2017

    Thanks Anjali!
    So Grateful!

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